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Mar 26, 2011 12:28 AM

is there such a thing as a tabletop or portable oven?

I might move into a place that has a range but no oven. The thought is not a happy one for me since I like to bake things. Aside from toaster ovens (which bake funny), is there such a thing as a stand alone oven I can buy?

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  1. A qualified yes -- they're common in Europe (and work well, I've had good results with them) -- but I don't know if anyone in the US sells a good one. TeFal is one of the bigger names here, but they don't offer theirs in the States.

    Amazon sells a number of them; here's one:

    1. Been there. Small-ish convection ovens(not a micro/convection combo) aren't that easy to find in N. America but they are out there.

      1. I highly recommend the breville "smart oven". Three years ago, my then (7 year old) kitchenaid superba (paid over $2,000) quit on me and it was going to cost over $800.00 to fix! I thought I had purchased a higher end appliance and was so mad that it had quit, I refused to buy another. Seems these computer panels are the culprit-anyway, since 3 of my 4 burners still worked, I looked into a 'toaster oven' and read a lot of really good reviews on the breville. Long story short, I still have not purchased a full size oven and am using my breville daily for everything! I admit, I don't do a lot of baking but have had excellent results with pies and cakes. There isn't anything this thing wont do. Excellent roast chicken! Since I only cook for two of us 90% of the time, I am enjoying a much more energy efficient appliance that has not let me down. To be honest, I am now looking at getting just a cooktop (not kitchenaid!) and forgetting the oven part because my breville is working so well. Hope this helps!

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          Cadco/Broilking countertop electric convection ovens... are great

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            I was going to recommend one of these Cadco's too. The Breville smart oven that golfgirl recommended is excellent, I have one and I use it almost daily, but the OP might need something a little larger than a Breville and the Cadco should fit the bill nicely.

            If the Cadco is too expensive, than I would go with the Breville. It's a fantastic piece of equipment.

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              Will continue the support for the Breville really does play well. So far, Breville has been a brand I've been very impressed with the products of.

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                Breville makes good products, but Broilking/Cadco is a heavier built unit and you can replace just about any part on them.They are a USA company but most ovens made in italy.Breville made where, China?

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                  Cadco's cost a heck of a lot more than the Breville.

                  And yes, the Breville is manufactured in China, but it is a quality unit, made with quality parts, and it's performance is outstanding. If I can pay under $200 for a countertop oven that performs as well as the Breville does, I honestly don't care WHERE it was manufactured.

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          1. thanks, everyone! using these, do i have to adjust cooking temperatures or times when using a recipe? or do i just use the same as indicated in the recipe?

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                Nope-- same bat time, same bat temp. :D