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is there such a thing as a tabletop or portable oven?

I might move into a place that has a range but no oven. The thought is not a happy one for me since I like to bake things. Aside from toaster ovens (which bake funny), is there such a thing as a stand alone oven I can buy?

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  1. A qualified yes -- they're common in Europe (and work well, I've had good results with them) -- but I don't know if anyone in the US sells a good one. TeFal is one of the bigger names here, but they don't offer theirs in the States.

    Amazon sells a number of them; here's one: http://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-Beach-...

    1. Been there. Small-ish convection ovens(not a micro/convection combo) aren't that easy to find in N. America but they are out there.

      1. I highly recommend the breville "smart oven". Three years ago, my then (7 year old) kitchenaid superba (paid over $2,000) quit on me and it was going to cost over $800.00 to fix! I thought I had purchased a higher end appliance and was so mad that it had quit, I refused to buy another. Seems these computer panels are the culprit-anyway, since 3 of my 4 burners still worked, I looked into a 'toaster oven' and read a lot of really good reviews on the breville. Long story short, I still have not purchased a full size oven and am using my breville daily for everything! I admit, I don't do a lot of baking but have had excellent results with pies and cakes. There isn't anything this thing wont do. Excellent roast chicken! Since I only cook for two of us 90% of the time, I am enjoying a much more energy efficient appliance that has not let me down. To be honest, I am now looking at getting just a cooktop (not kitchenaid!) and forgetting the oven part because my breville is working so well. Hope this helps!

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          Cadco/Broilking countertop electric convection ovens... are great

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            I was going to recommend one of these Cadco's too. The Breville smart oven that golfgirl recommended is excellent, I have one and I use it almost daily, but the OP might need something a little larger than a Breville and the Cadco should fit the bill nicely.

            If the Cadco is too expensive, than I would go with the Breville. It's a fantastic piece of equipment.

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              Will continue the support for the Breville oven....it really does play well. So far, Breville has been a brand I've been very impressed with the products of.

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                Breville makes good products, but Broilking/Cadco is a heavier built unit and you can replace just about any part on them.They are a USA company but most ovens made in italy.Breville made where, China?

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                  Cadco's cost a heck of a lot more than the Breville.

                  And yes, the Breville is manufactured in China, but it is a quality unit, made with quality parts, and it's performance is outstanding. If I can pay under $200 for a countertop oven that performs as well as the Breville does, I honestly don't care WHERE it was manufactured.

        2. thanks, everyone! using these, do i have to adjust cooking temperatures or times when using a recipe? or do i just use the same as indicated in the recipe?

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              Nope-- same bat time, same bat temp. :D

            2. Another Breville Smart Oven fan here - we've had ours for about a year and use it for all sorts of things. It's big enough to roast a 4 - 5 lb chicken, and will hold a 12" square or 13"round pan (both of which, of quite decent quality, come with it). No problem baking most cakes or pies. Not good for large batches of cookies though, or things like multilayer cakes where you need to bake several pans at once.

              My only real complaint is that although you can set it to broil at 500°F, you can't set it to bake or roast above 450°. That's not hot enough for certain things, like rack of lamb, where I want to get a good quick outer char before the interior gets too done.