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Mar 25, 2011 09:12 PM

Outerlands (outer sunset district), SF for lunch w/ pics

We went to Outerlands after stopping at Trouble Coffee a few doors down the street.

They make their own breads! I love that.

We got:

Celery root & green garlic soup - almonds, garlic chives, toast $7 - creamy soup, 1 thick slice of bread toasted.

Grilled cheese sandwich - brushed w/ garlic oil, seared on a cast iron skillet combo w/ soup or salad $9. I picked the soup & it's the same size as the $7 soup. Very cool. Two thick slices of bread w/ tasty cheese melted in the middle. Very tasty & filling.

Chocolate chip cookie $1.50 ea- Very tasty! Medium size w/ lots of chocolate.

They take credit cards. One unisex bathroom in the back.

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