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Mar 25, 2011 07:53 PM

Bolzano Artisan Meats... [Milwaukee]

Has anyone tried anything from this outfit? Curious.

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  1. The name rings a bell and I believe I have seen their products at Sendik's. How did you hear about them?

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      I work for a small cheese and specialty shop in New Braunfels, TX. We were sent some promotional stuff, I think. I didn't find a whole lot about them online, so I'm still kind scouting around for some kind of info.

    2. Yes, and their products are excellent. They are in several stores in the area, but they are also at the Winter Farmer's Market at State Fair Park. They use heritage pigs raised locally. I'm far from expert on this type of thing, but their prosciutto and pancetta are wonderful, packaged in an easy to use manner, and very nicely priced. There are other varieties of cured meats too.They have some interesting services besides: if I remember correctly, you can buy a whole prosciutto, but they will store it for you and slice as much as you want to take home at any given time.

      The winter farmer's market only runs a few more weeks, but I am sure they will be at others over the spring and summer.

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        Thanks, Fydeaux, that's great information!

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          I hadn't heard about them keeping the prosciutto for folks. That's interesting. Also, they have whole hog butchering classes where the students take home the pork.

        2. Here is some more information. It is a little bit old though...

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            Wow, great article, thanks Sailing77!

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              Sailing77: You seem to play in MKE and DTW. Where are you based ( I am MKE born and currently DTW)?

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                I live in the 'bubs of Milwaukee but know some food/wine lovers from the Detroit area through an anual food & wine event called MOCOOL. All good people.

            2. Their pancetta is without compare. Check them out on Facebook to catch specials. For example, I've got an entire slab of pancetta in my fridge, price discounted about 33%.

              1. Nice part of the Primal Cuts book and Scott Buer is a bout Bolzano:


                I bought the book and it is a very interesting discussion about current artisinal meat prep. You are lucky in MKE.