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Cantaloupe... Ugh.

So, what can I do with it? FreshDirect sent me one for free, but it's probably my least favorite fruit. I can't stand eating it on its own. Any recipes to make it more palatable?

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  1. Hi loratliff,

    Give it to a neighbor???

    I can't stand cantaloupe myself...


    1. Since you got it free, might you consider giving it away to a friend or co-worker?

      I personally pretty much do not like fruit as I dislike that taste of sweet. I did find that something salty, if not just plain old sprinkled on salt, was good with melon.

      Do you make smoothies? Blend it with a fruit you do like?

      1. I've made a curried rice salad with canteloupe in the past.
        Not this particular recipe, but pretty much the same idea.

        Also found this rice salad recipe: http://www.cookingindex.com/recipes/6...

        Also find lime makes canteloupe and honeydew more palatable.

        1. I make a cantalope sorbet with orange zest and the juice from the orange. If you want to add vodka to the mix that could be fun.

          1. Soften 8 oz cream cheese, mix well with one jar marshmallow fluff.
            Smear all over each piece of melon.
            How's that sound?

            1. i like melon and prosciutto....

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                Me, too. And it is good with feta and fresh mint.

              2. it's absurd that they sent it to you in MARCH seeing as the season for it here in the States doesn't even begin until June. must be from South America.

                if you eat cottage cheese they make a good pairing because the salty tang helps cut the floral sweetness of the melon. or you could go for another classic - wrap melon slices with prosciutto.

                1. Mix it into a salsa by dicing it and add with red onion, jalapenos or whatever type of hot pepper you like, red bells, chopped cilantro, fresh lime juice, ground cumin, salt & pepper. Spoon over blackened chicken, fish or pork OR use the salsa with a bit more lime juice and maybe a bit of good tequila to make a ceviche with fresh seafood or fish.

                  On the opposite end, juice the canteloupe and make a smoothie or shake with greek yogurt, orange juice, a bit of brown sugar or honey (or not) some cracked ice and a supporting fruit like banana

                  1. My Mom would peel it, slice in wedges, put it in an airtight jar in the fridge( cause cantaloupe in the fridge gets into everything), and she would salt and pepper it heavily, really heavy on the pepper. I tried it with my kids once when they were very young. Youngest child in her high chair, I said "Look,kids, Grandpa brought us fresh cantaloupe for supper!" My husband and I don't care for it so we were doing the good parent thing. She said, "Cantaloupe. Good" and sailed that big wedge across the dining room and smacked my brother in law upside the head. So I recommend it for smacking people.

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                    1. When I was a waitress at a retirement home in high school, cantaloupes were just about the easiest things to come by. One of our favorite break-time meals was simply a halved melon with vanilla frozen yogurt scooped into the hollowed-out core. Maybe not the dinner of champions, but also not the worst. And delicious.

                      1. like others, i was going to suggest wrapping it in prosciutto with some thyme. or making a gelato, which the creaminess cuts the flavor of the cantaloupe some, and try with just a bit of basil or some ginger.

                        another idea is to make Cantaloupe Bread - like banana or applesauce bread - paired with cinnamon or ginger or plain :)

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                          oh I do like it with procuitto, forgot that. Basil might be just thing to help with it for me too, thanks!

                        2. Roast it.

                          Totally changes the flavor.

                          You may not like fresh cantaloupe, but roasted might be a different story.

                          1. Buzz in the blender/fp with lime juice, red pepper and some salt

                            1. I like cataloupe a lot, so maybe I'm the wrong person to ask, but for a very different take on it from the normal, you could try this cantaloupe carpaccio from epicurious: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... - really nice flavors with the fresh tarragon, olive oil and lime. And you *don't* need the Y shaped peeler they mention. This is a lovely, refreshing appetizer.

                              1. This is one fruit I try over and over to like. I have forced myself to eat it, talked myself into ooo it's actually good. But basically there's just something that rocks my taste buds. My sister puts pepper on it, I need to try that. Nonetheless, I grow it because well it's easy and my dh loves it.

                                1. Asian supermarkets have melon ice cream/popsicles that are the only way that I like eating melon. It's a combo of honeydew and cantaloupe. I'd try making those!

                                  1. Cantaloupe granata is indeed the bomb! And I love cantaloupe w/ blueberries.

                                    1. Just put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a half cantaloupe. A luxurious summer breakfast. Though I suspect that a cantaloupe hater will not truly appreciate....

                                      1. Cantaloupe + coconut milk + pinch of salt. Blend well. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze. You'll have no complaints.

                                        1. Cayenne pepper if you like hot or paprika if you don't - sprinkled on top of the cubes. I COULD down an entire melon when it is sprinkled with the red stuff. It brings out its sweetness and cantelopiness.

                                          1. Eat it like we do here in Mazatlan (and all of Mexico!). Squeeze fresh lime juice over it and sprinkle with chili powder!