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Mar 25, 2011 05:39 PM

Should My Staub enamel have bubbles or other imperfections in the finish?

I just bought an expensive dutch oven -Staub enameled outside- and the finish has a lot of imperfections (dimples, small blobs, etc). Is this common for Staub or should I return it? It was from Amazon, not cheap, maybe $260 plus shipping. Are all Staub enamel like that? Really need response. Thanks

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  1. Personally, if you don't mind returning it, i would. $260 for some iron and enamel better get you a pretty flawless finish. I returned my le creuset when it began developing hairline cracks in the outer enamel after 6 months.

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      I think you are right. I have always used LC and I just expected the finish of this Staub to be perfect. I have never shopped for Staub, and was just not familiar with the "usual" finish it should have. I will call and have it returned. Thanks for the reply.

      1. re: pikawicca

        I appreciate the replies. I will have to go in person to pick one out so I can see it. It is such a heavy pot that it was nice having it delivered. Lesson learned. It goes back.

      2. Agree with others. It should be return. It is definitely not normal. Good luck.

        1. My parents bought a stab and made the mistake of not opening the box at the store. They brought it home to find the lid was several shades off and had a small imperfection in the base. If it were a $60 Dutch oven you could overlook it, but not on a $260 one. They returned it and had to look at five of them before finding a nice one. They do love their stab dutch oven btw.

          1. Many Staub's and LC's have some imperfections. Both vendors even warn you about them and say it's part of the manufacturing process. To get an absolutely perfect one you would have have to line up 10 or more and look them all over. There are pinholes, over sprays, smudged enamel, some enamel on the rim, defects in the gradient, missed spots, etc. What counts is if they bother you. You shouldn't have to pay that amount of money tol be upset every time you use the pot.

            Exchange it for another. If you're willing to accept some, at least with LC, you can get a better price at an outlet on a second, some of which look better than a first quality with flaws.