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Mar 25, 2011 03:16 PM

ISO Lamb Shanks in Pasadena area?

I'm thinking Whole Foods would have it, but I'm hoping to find it at a less expensive price (if possible). Has anyone seen lamb shanks in the Pasadena area lately? (Non-marinated)

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  1. pretty sure ralph's fresh fare in la canada carries them. 521 w foothill,la canada 818 790 0584

    1. Bristol Farms has very nice lamb shanks...sometimes at a good price!

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        Discovered a few years ago that whenever we have a spate of cocooning-type weather, stores run out of lamb shanks around here. A prolonged cold snap some time back had me thinking about cassoulet, and apparently I was not the only one. I wound up getting lamb neck from Bristol Farms in South Pas, which turned into the best cassoulet ever.

        One tip about shanks, if you didn't know: the smaller foreshanks are a lot meatier per pound than the drumstick-shaped hind shanks, and tastier as well.

      2. HOWS had a big supply of them last time I bought meat, which was Wednesday I believe.