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Mar 25, 2011 03:16 PM

Sweets You Can't Resist in Paris

Hi! looking for suggestions around the second week of May.....

Looking to hear about your favorite chocolate shops, pastry shops, and ice cream purveyors in Paris>

Not much in the way of criteria, really, but here are some starter ideas:

Dark chocolate, but not more than about 65%. Not really looking for plain chocolate, but concoctions like truffles, pralines, ganaches. Whatever place you can't resist at the moment.

Ice Cream: No criteria, really, something you think I can't get back in the USA Adore ice cream with dried fruits, for example, but anything will do. Specific flavor suggestions welcome!

Pastry: partial to bavarois or combinations of tropical fruit flavors and chocolate..... less likely to want a tart tatin. I adore something simple like a galette de sucre as well.

Although I've given some hints, please feel free to tell me about anything you're in love with at the moment.


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  1. Patisserie/Chocolate shop-Easy, Genin on Rue Turenne
    Best thing l ate in Paris last fall was at a restaurant called Quincy on Ledru-Rollin
    Dessert was two small scoops of vanilla ice cream that had so many vanilla seeds it was grey. It was served with a bottle of rum and a huge bowl of rum soaked dried fruits, oh my.

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      Agree Jacques Genin for caramels. Glace du Bac or Martine Lambert for ice cream. Hugo & Victor and Le Pain du Sucre for pastries.

      1. re: Nancy S.

        Definitely Jacques Genin for the caramels!!!

    2. Tarte au citron from Le Pain de Sucre. In my opinion the best of all.
      Eclair chocolat from Carl Marletti.
      Syrian pastries from Merveilles de Damas (ex-Cha'am).
      Blueberry sorbet from Christian Constant.
      Tarte miel, caramel et noix from Jacques Génin.
      Millassous à la confiture de vieux garçon from Dans les Landes.

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      1. re: Ptipois

        Wow, Le Pain de Sucre would have been great to know about when I was looking for bakeries in January near BHV. Fortunately will be able to check it out in June although I'm assuming it's not particularly breakfasty.

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          Le Pain de Sucre. They do bread, croissants 'n stuff.

      2. Sorbet from Constant
        Plain chocolate from Patrick Roger
        Saint-Honoré from Génin. Also from Pichard.
        Chausson aux pommes and "Grand Cru" from Patisserie des Rêves
        Chocolate macaron fleur de Sel from Grégory Renard (though my recent visit to their new outpost on rue Daubenton was utterly disapointing).

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          So, in summary of Nancy/Ptiipois/Souphie/Others it seems, all things considering, just go to Jacques Genin and order one of everything?

        2. Chocolate:
          Patrick Roger for his fruit flavored chocolates, praline, interesting ganaches; his coating chocolate is darker than 65% but the sweeter fillings such as praline and ganache will temper the bitterness.
          For less dark, Michel Chaudun, his pave.
          Croissant d'Amande at Moulin de la Vierge
          Any of the tarts (the best pate sablee with ground almonds) at Le Pain du Sucre
          Anything made with pate a chou at Jacque Genin; fruit caramels
          The Andalousie at La Maison du Chocolat
          Millefeuille at Dominque Saibron; the pasty layers are baked to a nice deep brown with just enough butter so it is shatters and not oily
          Baba au Rhum at Stohrer
          Liquorice macaroon filled with caramel at Laduree
          I am not a big fan of bavarois things but plenty at Mulot or Delmontel if you are seeking
          For dried fruit in ice cream, prune Armagnac at Berthillon; also rum raisin
          There was a recent thread on favorite ice cream flavors in Paris.

          1. Genin's really good, but I really like Tholoniat on rue du Chateau d'Eau. It was recently taken over by Pascal Guerreau, who used to work for Philippe Conticini.

            They continue to make the fantastic "Tholoniat" a sort of ice cream cake or semi freddo the recipe to which the previous owner sold along with the shop, but Guerreau's own creations are good too. I'm particularly keen on the millefeuille.

            However, Guerreau has a very light hand when it comes to sugar and if a Pierre Hermé type sugar onslaught is your thing, this isn't the place for you.

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              I think Genin is especially great for caramels. Also, the pastry at Hugo & Victor is refreshingly not overly sweet.