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Mar 25, 2011 02:25 PM

quick recpe suggestions needed for tonight. tomorrow will be too late

I've got a pound of back fin crab defrosting and am finding myself without inspiration. Yes there cakes and imperial, crepes, none of the above is exciting me. Suggestions?

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    1. Crab salad? It's one of my favorites.

      1. Crab pasta salad with a good glass of wine and a crunchy loaf of bread
        Or how about this:

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        1. re: todao

          I second the crab bisque, with a nice little pile of crab in the middle floating on a butter crouton.

        2. Saint Jacques? Bisque? Spring rolls? Po boys? Sui Mai? As a stuffing for ravioli?

          1. Pizza (with avocado, lemon, fresh herbs and brie - mmm), crab bake, crab quiche?