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Mar 25, 2011 02:01 PM

Western CT day off from work food road trip

My friend Leah & I keep talking about taking the day off from work and going food shopping and eating. She and I have wanted to stop at the Dutch Epicure Shop in Litchfield and now that I think about it she might like the british shop in Newtown. So it looks like western CT might be our destination if you all can tell us where else we should go. There is a Kitchen Shop in Litchfield in the downtown area. So anything else food or kitchen related(even antique stuff) sounds like fun. In Colebrook I heard the general store is open again doing eclairs so our driving range is wide open. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated and we will even think of you when we take that first bite at your recommended favorite stop. Lunch places included please! Thanks!

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  1. While you're out that way, I'd highly recommend a stop at Harney Tea. It is JUST OVER the state line in Millerton, NY (their headquarters are in Salisbury, I think, and that's where their tasting room used to be). Sampling some tea would be a fun stop on your food/road trip! You can have lunch there, too.

    Went to Kawasaki (sushi) in Litchfield on a recommendation here on the boards a couple of years ago and it was great!

    Have you already been to Nodine's in Goshen for bacon, beef jerky and sausage?

    How about some of the CT Wine Trail wineries, maybe Hopkins on Lake Waramaug? It's especially pretty there on a sunny day.

    Or pop in on Dr. DiGrazia at DiGrazia Vineyards in Brookfield:

    Then, of course, there's Belgique in Kent:

    Tea, wine and chocolate--three of my favorite inclusions on a food-oriented trip--with bacon and sushi thrown in for good measure! Have fun, wherever you wind up!

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      Thanks Katty! I forgot about Harney and Nodine's and already have Belgique on my list. I also found a place called The Pantry in Washington Depot. Thanks also for the wine recs. I used to be able to buy Nodine's bacons down this way at my local IGA but they stopped carrying it all of a sudden :-(

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        My pleasure, guy. The Pantry looks like a nice find! When it gets warmer, consider White Silo Winery in Sherman (if you do this on a Friday, anyway). You can sip sangria in Adirondack chairs on the lawn and watch the people in sombreros pickin' raspberries. :)

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      1. Belgique is wonderful. Even their non-chocolate items like baguettes, are top quality.

        1. If you can wait until at least April 1st, you could have a meal at Community Table in Washington, CT ( It earned a James Beard nomination for best new restaurant, and reviews are wholly positive.

          1. How about lunch at the White Horse Pub on Rt-202 in Marbledale? It got a lot of "Best Of's" this year in CT Magazine's readers' poll and I've been meaning to try it. (I wish I had thought about it this noon -- had a somewhat disappointing lunch at The Village in Litchfield).