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Mar 25, 2011 01:43 PM

ISO Dunn's type Cheesecake

Hello! My friend's will be visiting Montreal and they love the Dunn's cheesecake. But they are wondering if there are cheaper and better cheesecakes that they can try. They will be in the Mont Royale area.

I don't mind making the cake either if anyone has a good recipe. My friend claims Montreal cheesecakes are made with different cheeses and are fluffier than the ones in Toronto. Is that true?

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  1. Sorry I can't help you much. Montreal used to have wonderful fluffy not creamcheese cake and it was made with old fashioned cottage cheese such as Liberty sells as style ancienne. St Lawrence Bakery carried it but they have long ago disappeared. I would try Quality Kosher on Querbes at Beaumont or Montreal Kosher at Victoria and Jean Talon.
    The only cheese cake I have had in the last twenty years that came close in fact it was even better than the Montreal cheesecake of my youth was at Normand's in Edmonton Alberta and if I won the lottery one of the first things I would do is fly there for a piece of their cheesecake.
    Unfortunately that wonderful cheese that these cakes are made of has become very expensive and hard to come by and unfortunately ricotta just isn't the same.
    Dunn's of my youth (I am now retired) had one of the best cheesecakes in Montreal but it is just not the same anymore.

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      whatever you do don't go to Roackberry and order a cheesecake, it's just whipped cream cheese and is a good representation of why I dislike just about everything on the Rockaberrry menu, sounds good, looks good on the menu, but is in reality just terrible. I do not understand the popularity of this place, except in comparison to Costco desserts, which I have had the terrible misfortune of being served at a dessert party. Ugh.

      Tarterie Rockaberry
      2880 St Charles, Kirkland, QC H9H3B6, CA

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        Oh boo! My friend was disappointed to hear even Dunn's is not the same and decided to forego and not buy any!

        I tried looking on the liberte site for the ancienne type of cottage cheese but its not listed on their cottage cheese products page. Perhaps they no longer make it? Since I'm not in Montreal, I won't be able to check out the stores you suggested to look for it. But I recall that you can make your own paneer/cottage cheese using milk and vinegar. Would making my own cottage cheese be ancienne type?

        Since there is no good version of Montreal cheesecake now, I'm more intrigued to recreate it. Does Montreal style cheesecake taste like New York style but fluffier and lighter?

        I'm planning to try to make America's test kitchen best light cheesecake recipe that uses lowfat cream cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt cheese. But modify by following this chowhound suggestion,, to beat the egg whites to stiff peaks so that the cheesecake gets very airy and fluffy.

        If I every go to Edmonton, I'll go try Normands for sure!

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          I've never heard of "style ancienne(sic)" cottage cheese, but Liberté sells pressed cottage cheese and baker's cheese through its Western Creamery brand.

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            Western creamery brand's taste and texture differ from what I remember as Montreal's Crescent or Liberty brand cottage cheese. The closest product I can remember recently is Rocky Mountain Brand Quark which I greatly appreciated when I was living in Alberta. The Liberty Brand cottage cheese a La Ancienne which was available until recently was also very good. If I was seeking to recreate the old fashioned Montreal cheese cake I think I would use Liberty's fresh goat cheese and their creme fraiche. For eggs I would see if I could get duck eggs from Andrew Stairs of Stairholme farms who brings product to the Market in Ste Anne de Bellevue and the seasonal Market in front of the church thursday coirner Esplanade and St Joseph. Stiff egg whites really make a difference and commercial chicken eggs just don't deliver the goods. My wife makes me lemon meringue pie for my birthday and what a difference duck eggs make in light and fluffy.
            Good luck in recreating Montreal cheesecake.

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              I remember the Liberté product you're talking about. It was indeed very similar to quark, and they do still make that (though might be a little hard to find).

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          Ricotta cheesecakes are wonderful, but they are different from the type you are seeking, which is made from a pressed cottage cheese. I wonder if Cheskies might have them?

          Camille, that is very interesting. I know people who were looking for such a product - thanks!

          4.184kj, will your friends be in the Plateau Mont-Royal or Ville Mont-Royal (Town of Mount Royal in English)?

        3. To everyone looking for that special "dry-curd cottage cheese" or also called "baker's cheese", guess what... Costco in Montreal now carries in 2 big bricks for $10. It's the real deal... and 0.5% fat.

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            Thanks CamilleA
            I will look forward to trying it and now have another reason to be pleased I renewed my Costo membership.
            To those looking for the old liberty bricks of what we called cottage cheese. Friendly Farms out of NY makes bricks of farmer's cheese that are exactly what I remember. They are available at my local Price Chopper in Derby Vermont and are every bit as good as what I remember. The Western Creamery product is just missing that je ne sais quoi (I would guess the intensity of lactic acid) .

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              My mistake that is Friendship brand all natural farmers cheese ingredients milk and salt .5% lactose.