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Mar 25, 2011 12:52 PM

Adams Morgan dinner tonight

If I have to eat in this neighborhood tonight, which restaurant would you pick for best food? Can't go too expensive, so no Cashion's. Otherwise, extremely casual to medium-casual is fine.
Is there seating in that Super Tacos place on Columbia Rd? I haven't been there in a long time.
Is the food at the Diner at all acceptable?

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  1. If I was going to eat in Adams Morgan, I'd go to the Black Squirrel despite the bouncer who assaulted my then-fiance because I didn't have my ID (for an early dinner). The food is above solid, especially for that area. We actually miss going because it's so good - we might have to try to brave it again. With ID this time.

    The Black Squirrel
    2427 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

    1. hamster -- if it's not too late -- I think the old Pepitos, Super Tacos, has a couple stools. What about Old City? Haven't you recommended that before? There's also a Pica Taco in the Argonne Building, on Harvard. For less casual than those, I haven't been in a long time, but liked the food at Bourbon. At the Diner I would only order eggs or maybe grilled cheese. (Tryst has some okay sandwiches and a new build your own salad menu that's not bad.) If you'd be able to go a little further, into Mt Pleasant, the pint and a slice deal at Radius is great. Not sure any of this is what you're looking for, just trying to be a little helpful.... Oh and there's also those couple Peruvian chicken places.

      Old City Cafe
      1773 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009

      1. You haven't mentioned any cuisines so it's kind of hard to make a suggestion. There's Perry's, Astor's and Wok & Roll (I do like their sushi!).

        Wok & Roll
        1371 Beverly Rd, Mc Lean, VA 22101

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. My friend actually had a great idea to try out the new Korean karaoke place, because she'd heard good things about the food. Muzette, right underneath Himalayan Heights at Kalorama. We really enjoyed it a lot, and this was a tough Asian food-eating crowd. Though certainly a little expensive (as Korean always is), I would say this is a lot better than my experiences at Mandu. They have a lot of rice dishes, noodle dishes, those big pancake things, soups, quite a long menu. My friend and I shared those noodles they make out of sweet potato, cooked perfectly with veggies. Very very nice. And we shared a HUGE vegetable pancake. Servings are large. The panchan were also delightful. These people are serious about food quality. I am looking forward to trying some more dishes.

          The decor is sparse and there was a distractingly strong smell of disinfectant cleaner in the air, but the food is totally worth it!

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          1. re: hamster

            Sounds great. How was the karaoke?

            1. re: marcj

              Didn't try the karaoke this visit! It is all private rooms you rent out for the hour.

              1. re: hamster

                Wow, so the real, Korean-style karaoke. I don't know where they fit all those rooms in that building (doesn't look very big from the street), but based on your rec it sounds like it's worth a visit to at least try the food, and if my pipes are in order, maybe belt out a few.

                1. re: marcj

                  Absolutely. It seems like it's the whole basement space for the entire building, pretty big. We were there on a Friday night and there was no wait for a table; I think either no one knows about this place yet, or it picks up late-night.

          2. I actually like the food at The DIner. When I lived in the neighborhood I ate there quite often. Other good spots: Grill from Impanema, New Orleans Cafe, Bourbon, L'Enfant, and Casa Oaxaca.

            Casa Oaxaca
            2106 18th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009