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Mar 25, 2011 11:22 AM

Crawfish Boils This Weekend 2011

I saw this on the Austin CH discussion, and thought it was totally appropriate for the NOLA board, too. Let's keep a running tally of where the boils are happening every weekend this spring. Everybody knows when their own neighborhood joint is doing a boil - Share the good news here!

I had a huge, steaming, spicy pile of red beauties at Carrollton Station last Friday night. And everybody knows that Yo Mama's in the Quarter is already boiling up the mudbugs every the weekend.

This weekend is the Chalmette Crawfish Fest where I'm sure the 'bugs will be plentiful:

Any options for this weekend here in town?

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  1. And the Tulane Crawfish Fest is scheduled for April 16th. Don't get there late - they had run out by the time I arrive mid-afternoon last year!

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    1. re: mollymac

      I thought this used to be free, but I guess this year it is $10 pp all you can eat (long lines, but they move fast).

    2. Also: Sunday Funday 4 pm @ Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar: Crawfish Boil $4.99 per pound comes with potato & corn cob...

        1. Rivershack Tavern, Sunday 4:00 PM

          Rivershack Tavern
          3449 River Rd, Jefferson, LA

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          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            Actually, both Friday and Sunday, but a whopping $12 a platter! Ouch! (although that didn't stop me yesterday afternoon)

          2. Ernst Cafe Fridays 4PM til