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Crawfish Boils This Weekend 2011

I saw this on the Austin CH discussion, and thought it was totally appropriate for the NOLA board, too. Let's keep a running tally of where the boils are happening every weekend this spring. Everybody knows when their own neighborhood joint is doing a boil - Share the good news here!

I had a huge, steaming, spicy pile of red beauties at Carrollton Station last Friday night. And everybody knows that Yo Mama's in the Quarter is already boiling up the mudbugs every the weekend.

This weekend is the Chalmette Crawfish Fest where I'm sure the 'bugs will be plentiful:

Any options for this weekend here in town?

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  1. And the Tulane Crawfish Fest is scheduled for April 16th. Don't get there late - they had run out by the time I arrive mid-afternoon last year!

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      I thought this used to be free, but I guess this year it is $10 pp all you can eat (long lines, but they move fast).

    2. Also: Sunday Funday 4 pm @ Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar: Crawfish Boil $4.99 per pound comes with potato & corn cob...

        1. Rivershack Tavern, Sunday 4:00 PM

          Rivershack Tavern
          3449 River Rd, Jefferson, LA

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          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            Actually, both Friday and Sunday, but a whopping $12 a platter! Ouch! (although that didn't stop me yesterday afternoon)

          2. Ernst Cafe Fridays 4PM til

            1. Industry Bar and Grill (formerly Club Decatur or "Club 'D'") is doing $12 for a pitcher of crawfish and a pitcher of Bud or Bud Light every Friday evening. Plus, they are the biggest I've seen so far this year.

              Corner of Decatur and Bienville in the FQ

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              1. re: Ben NOLA

                does anyone know how much yo mama's is charging per lb?

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                  I had them at Yo Mama's last week. $11 for about 2#. They were well worth it. They have "take out" this year.

              2. Hurricane's on Vets, 5pm today

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                  Had tasty crawfish at Acme. Actually, our whole meal was really good - expensive, but good.

                2. Thursdays at Maison on Frenchmen:
                  $5/lb and $5 pitchers of High Life and Abita, plus live music...

                  1. I know the R Bar usually has them Friday evenings (free) - Have they started up again this year? Anyone?

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                            Please report back--this idea is intriguing [although I am, admittedly, one of those people who likes crawfish sushi and crawfish "southwestern eggrolls," so apparently I am easy to please].

                    1. Just had another batch at Yo Mama's. Real good. I checked at "Somethin' Else" cafe on the corner of Conti and Exchange Alley and they are going to boil some tomorrow (Friday, 4/1). I'll report back.

                      1. I fully intend to report back, but know that I am really not very discriminating about my crawfish unless the boil is absolutely god-awful (I had one that was super duper salty rendering my beloved mudbugs almost inedible).

                        1. Hey, this should probably be a new thread, but here's another thought: What's your favorite uncommon (or less common) thing to find/put in a boil? That means, anything besides sausage, corn, potato and garlic.

                          Mine is pineapple!

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                            Brussel Sprouts and broccoli on the stalk all the way and white asparagus!

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                              Pineapple? Oooh. I like artichokes.

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                                I love to do artichokes in a boil but I have learned (because a friend heard about this and fif not know how-to-do-it, with disatrous results) to remind people to put the artichokes in a net bag or something, even aluminum foil, that will contain them and make them easy to fish out...otherwise they'll cook to hell-and-back and wind up as mush. Speaking of mush, mushrooms are fun, too. I save them and use them later in things. Unexpected zip, I can tell you.

                                1. re: hazelhurst

                                  There are never leftover mushrooms when we boil.

                              2. re: mollymac

                                Mushrooms, not uncommon though, cauliflower, after the crawfish I have put chicken in the pot and boiled it. Artichokes.

                                1. re: roro1831

                                  I was in Houston a few years back for a wedding and the family, who was Vietnamese, had a boil and they added LOTS of orange juice to the pot. I had never seen that before but have wanted to try it again as they were some of the best I have ever had.

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                                    Cool info! I actually have a separate thread asking about Vietnamese-style boils!

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                                  Never done orange juice, but we throw halved oranges in. And sweet potatoes.

                                3. During FQF, at the "Esplanade in the Shade" stage, Rouses sponsors a giant boil all three days!

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                                    i did 4 sacks last weekend and am hitting a huge boil tomorrow as a guest not a boiler. Season is in full swing regardless of rough pricing at times. Weekend of April 15th I boil that Friday at a event in MS and Sunday I boil at a church picnic in Covington. Home boils are rockin!

                                    I have never had an issue with an Artichoke becoming mush. I also put it in before anything else as well. I like to do for what might be considered as "unusual," brussel sprouts, asparagus (at the very end, right before soak) pineapple, and the usual suspects, corn, taters, shroom, tons garlic, celery, sausage, tons lemons, few oranges...also per 20 pounds crawfish I add one pound HUGE shrimp right after I drop ice in. Just about 8-10 shrimp or so. Lagniappe baby. I am curious about that orange juice idea thing above....

                                    the home boil scene should be picking up! I encourage anyone who has never done their own boil to grab the set-up and try it this season. it is fun, leaves some room for mistakes, allows you to get creative, and it offers a great social scene rich in Louisiana tradition!

                                    Back to topic- sadly, I have no idea what bars are rockin boils this year ( i just like talkin' crawfish) but I do remember fondly of Yo Mama's. Very good. Little pricey or maybe not the best? Sure, but your in the Quarter! Convenience! When you really break it down there are not a ton of places boilin' in the Quarter. Sorry, "in da Quarters." Regardless of price or what not I am happy to randomly get crawfish at a bar anytime! If it's serious crawfish eating I boil my own or I hit Sal's on Barataria on the Westbank. Right after you get off at Barataria from expressway you take left and you will see Sal's on the right.

                                    So for the final post inside of a post: How do people use leftovers from home boil?. I always thought that potato salad or mashed potato's using the leftovers would be good but it never turned out great for me. Any ideas?

                                    1. re: mcegielski

                                      I have had some of the best potato salad from leftover crawfish, taters and garlic in the boil. I don't even like potato salad.

                                      1. re: mcegielski

                                        Scrambled eggs the next morning with sausage, crawfish & potatoes has been our biggest success.

                                        1. re: Paisley16

                                          i am going to try your scrambled egg dish. i have had little success with leftovers from boils but this sounds like it would work great!

                                    2. Just heard that Dino's is doing boils Wednesday afternoons/evenings in the CBD, but do not have any details...

                                      1. Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar does boils on Wednesday nights (we hit it last week after Wednesdays At the Square) and I *think* they also boil on Sundays and Fridays. $3.99 a pound.

                                        1. I believe there is a boil going on right now at The Kerry on Decatur...