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Mar 25, 2011 11:15 AM

Polpettina homestyle pizza kitchen (Fisher Ave. Eastchester) this is so much more than just pizza...

Polpettina homestyle pizza kitchen is located in the space previously occupied by Chubby's, La Eateria... I passed by several times over the past few weeks and finally decided to stop in to grab a menu.
The restaurant has been completely renovated ( I will post pics when I can) It is small with only a few tables, I am sure they will be doing a brisk take out business. It has more of a Brooklyn vibe than Westchester I mean that in a good way. The owners were really friendly and take pride in the fact that they use only high quality local ingredients. The menu is comprised of interesting salads for example ( escarole with pancetta vinaigrette, crispy shallots, rehydrated apricots and a deep fried egg) yum. Five sandwich choices. There is mortadella with creamy dijon, escarole, fontina, brioche and roast pork with cilantro cream, house pickled veggies on chibatta... There are beef or pork meatballs and an Asian inspired chicken meatball. In addition there are several varieties of fries such as spicy chili, truffle parmesan..., grandma pies with toppings that include escarole, potato, pancetta, egg... There is also pappardelle bolognese, spaghetti with tomato, basil, onion and penne vodka and several vegetable sides. Daily specials are also available.
Salads are $8, sandwiches $10, meatballs $7 pasta $14
I ordered the roast pork sandwich and a slice of potato, escarole pie both were delicious. I am so grateful to have this new addition to the hood

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  1. Sounds very interesting, chowdom. It's not on my usual route, so could remind me: If you're heading north on 22, where do you make your left?

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      Roxlet you would make the left at the light at the intersection that was recently under construction. Stop & shop on your right, mobile station on the left.
      I just looked at the photo I took of the blackboard that has the desserts listed. Cinnamon sugar zeppoles with blue bottle coffee mascarpone, chocolate mousse with whipped cream & dulce de leche, and amaretto ricotta cheese cake with grand marnier zabaglione.

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        So a left on Fisher Avenue? It's Mill Road on one side of 22 and Fisher on the other. My son is on spring break, and it would be a good lunch spot.

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          Yes a left onto Fisher ( Mill is on the other side of 22) the restaurant is on the left side of the street last grouping of stores before you get to the first light on Fisher.
          ps had the best cup of coffee (french press) I have ever had in a restaurant in Westchester County.

    2. Sounds super. Now I've got to get to Eastchester!

      1. lunch and dinner

        1. Has anyone checked polpettina out yet? They don't have a website but they have a facebook page with a menu posted. I have been back several times with friends who have returned with more friends. OMG the warm marinated olives with smoked lardo and pecorino toasts.

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            I went for the second time last night. I am so excited about this place, definitely a nice addition to the neighborhood. Fresh and delicious food, bringing a new twist to the usual Italian found in these parts. Beef meatballs are amazing, and so are the fries and the thin crust pie. They also have a small bar and a their liquor license. Rumor is that they are expanding next door.

          2. I forgot to post a photo