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Mar 25, 2011 10:42 AM

kipling and the kingsway, anything good in the area?

I have dug out my pith helmet, brushed off my passport and would like to take a friend out to dinner somewhere near Kipling and the Kingsway. (Preferrably TTC-able). Would welcome suggestions for where to find a good meal. European cuisine, if possible. Many thanks for your suggestions..

Kingsway Restaurant
510 Ferguson Ave, Haileybury, ON P0J1K0, CA

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  1. Not clear on where you mean by Kipling and Kingsway...they don't really meet up. Maybe you are thinking Kipling and Queensway? If you mean the Kingsway area (around Bloor & Royal York) a suggestion from me would be La Veranda Osteria- Italian food, great imo and directly across from Royal York subway stn

    Kingsway Restaurant
    510 Ferguson Ave, Haileybury, ON P0J1K0, CA

    La Veranda Osteria
    946 Royal York Road, Toronto, ON M8X 2E5, CA

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    1. re: ciaociao1

      Actually Kipling and Kingsway do meet, but its all residential. No restaurants in sight. I think AzulH did mean The Queensway.
      ciaociao is right,
      Try La Veranda ( though I dislike the tacky atmosphere)
      Royal York and Bloor closest resto area. VIBO for Italian, maybe or Merlot for French bistro cuisine.

      Kingsway Restaurant
      510 Ferguson Ave, Haileybury, ON P0J1K0, CA

      1. re: froglegs

        +1 on Veranda Osteria, delicious food. Though yes, the atmosphere is very odd. Mostly because there are so many signs claiming that they are "different" and "weird". Not sure what is so different, other than that there doesn't seem to be one assigned waiter per table. Any of the staff seem just as likely to stop at the table.

        Service can be slow but it's worth it for the fresh-made pasta dishes.

    2. In the Etobicoke area a couple of food ideas, though I've been out of the area for a few years:

      - A couple of Portugese restos used to exist (take-out but not sure if open for dinner)

      - Sammy's New Orleans Creole is close by @ 3409 Lake Shore Boulevard West

      Good luck on the adventure!

      - Pasquale Bros sells excellent european groceries (M-F, close @ 4:30 PM) to make your own meal

      - Sushi Kaji is rated / overrated as one of TO's best and most expensive sushi/omakase places. Tried it once, wasn't too impressed with the value.

      Pasquale Bros
      16 Goodrich Rd, Toronto, ON M8Z, CA

      Sushi Kaji
      860 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z1N7, CA

      Sammy's New Orleans Creole
      3409 Lakeshore Boul W, Toronto, ON M8W1N2, CA

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      1. re: sarahgrl

        Sammy's went in the dead pool three or four years ago.