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Mar 25, 2011 10:41 AM

What is the best rib rub available for purchase online or in the store?


I'm looking for the best rib rub that is available for purchase. I have made a couple rubs, but I ended up wasting a lot of spices, and didn't think they were terribly amazing. Let me know what you guys think!


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  1. i really like dave's famous rib rub. works well on any pork product.

    1. I used to make my own as well but have since just used Corky's dry rub. It's a place out of Memphis that I enjoyed. It's available on line. I also use their BBQ sauce. To contrast you can see if Rendevous sells a rub. Also from Memphis and is known for it's dry ribs.

      1. Dizzy Pig has a variety of rubs;

        Lately I've been using Cow Lick on pork ribs for a dry rib with a somewhat different taste.

        1. For over 20 years mine has been Lucious out of Alabama and Tennessee. Find it wonderful for pork. Google Lucious BBQ

          1. Everyone will have their own opinion, for sure, but the only $ I will spend on a rub for ribs if I am not making my own is Gary Wiviott's Barbecue Rub from the Spice House. I surely have not tried them all, but I' have tried qiute a few, and I'm always disappointed in the freshness. This is why I started making my own several years ago. My wife had a gift certificate for the Spice House, and I had heard about this Gary Wiviott stuff, so I suggested she get some. This Wiviott stuff is kick butt, and you can smell just about everything that's in there very distinctively. I still make my own, but I have no issues with using this stuff if I run out of my own.


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              I like Penzeys Galena and Bicentenial rubs, made some ribs yesterday with the Galena rub, a little extra s. & p., and homemade BBQ sauce to finish.