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Mar 25, 2011 10:14 AM

Good, family/budget friendly places in Beaverton

Howdy Hounds,

This summer's road trip from the SF Bay Area plans are coming along, but I need some suggestions about food where we'll be spending the most time. The Comfort Inn on SW Tualatin Valley Hwy is our current planned base of operations.

What delicious and affordable local spots close by should we hit that the 8 yr old will also enjoy?
(We're planning on visiting the Zoo and perhaps the Museum of Science & Industry as well)
Favorites: Pizza, Chinese, Fried Chicken, Burgers, Salads, Pasta, BBQ, Wings, Diner food

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Unfortunately, out in the 'burbs, there isn't much chowhound-worthy unless you want Mexican or Korean food, neither of which you mentioned.

    Close to there, the best choices I can think of are Mingo (in "The Round") and Hall St. Grill (which I am not really a big fan of) and JCD Korean (which is my favorite Korean place in town, btw). Mingo is a casual Italian place and they do decent pizzas (though I usually order pastas or meat or fish there) and good happy hour burger. They also do well with kids there, so if your kid likes pizza or ravioli, they should be happy there (as will you as they also have a decent wine list, cocktails and a nice atmosphere ;o).

    And, though I am not a big fan, there is a Five Guys Burgers close to there that may appeal.

    Also nearby is a New Seasons Market, one of our local fabulous markets - always good stuff to be found there, and their deli counter/soup bar/salad bar is pretty darn good. You can also find local beers and wines there, and anything you might need to nibble on back at your hotel room.

    12600 SW Crescent St, Beaverton, OR 97005

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    1. re: JillO

      Oh yeah, Mexican and Thai would be fine too as long as they have lesser spicy options.
      Mingo looks nice for lunch and it'll be great to have an excellent market close by.
      Korean hasn't been part of our culinary vocabulary, but it might be worth a try.
      BTW, how does this Five Guys rate compared to In n' Out?
      Thanks again!

      1. re: BigWoodenSpoon

        Don't know, never been to In 'n Out...sorry.

      2. re: JillO

        There is an excellent and low priced Hawaiian place called Roxy's Island Grill right up the street from you. They make about 5 Korean influenced Hawaiian dishes really well... generous servings for around $6.50 a plate. Ask for the grilled vegetables as a side. I wouldn't call this food special or chow worthy, but its a great option for a family dinner with kids.

        I am from California, and I miss in-n-out. Five Guys is not as good in my opinion, but everyone has their own idea about what a hamburger should be.

        I will second the recomendation for Mingo, my wife and I have enjoyed their small plates during happy hour a few times.

        The lunch food at New Seasons is great. Lots of fresh cooked options such as stir fry, pizza, sandwiches, salad bar, etc.

        807 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

      3. For BBQ try Buster's in Tigard. The set-up is cafeteria style, but the BBQ is good and they have a good condiment bar, with several types of BBQ sauce. I always get the pulled pork, but hear that the BBQ chicken is very good. To be clear, this is "dry" Texas BBQ, so the meat is smoked, not cooked in sauce.

        For diner food there is the Black Bear Diner on TV Hwy. Good, big breakfasts, but expect a wait on the weekend. Lunches are good too, but not so hot for dinner.

        Something you might care to try, too, should you go to the Museum of Science and Industry, is the food cart pod at 12th and Hawthorne. There's a good site: that gives the run down on all the pods (a bevy of food carts); you might also check for reviews of particular carts.

        Something that might be fun, especially if you are used to BART and such, is take the Trimet Max line -- from a transit center in or around Beaverton -- to the Zoo; you could also go onto downtown Portland and check out some of the food carts there.

        As another poster said, the chowhole pickings in the Beaverton area aren't all that hot. A lot of chain restaurants.

        Another good and inexpensive Hawaiian place is Hapa Grill, which is a little further from your base of operation.

        Black Bear Diner
        13435 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005

        Hapa Grill
        14625 SW Teal Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97007

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        1. re: Dr Chow

          Yeah, the "burbs" can be challenging no matter where you go, but that where the cheap lodging and our friends are. Black Bear is right next door, so it's definitely on the list. Thanks for the heads up about not so great for dinner.
          The food carts sound like fun. Does anyone have any particular favorites?
          Thanks again for all the suggestions!