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Jan 14, 2006 08:44 PM

Zucca's -- recommendations?

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It has been decided that we will eat dinner at Zucca's tomorrow. We haven't decided what to eat. Suggestions?

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  1. If it is on the menu, get the whole sea bass (it's served whole, i.e., with head and tail, and de-boned at the table).

    Pizzas are always good, pastas can sometimes miss the mark and taste rather mediocre and uninspired.

    1. Saturday night I had the linguine and cockle clams, damn good the pasta tasted so fresh

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        I always post the strengths of places and let negative stuff slide BUT last night......I've been before and actually loved the 1 item I always get the linguine and clams. So my wife and I decided to go on a Thursday night, we live DT so it's a cool thing to walk over there. We've gone before on a Sunday and a Saturday night well before the closing times and both times we were locked out while there was a full dinning room. "sorry we're closed". So this past time we thought we would be safe at 8:00ish with a Lakers game down the street. We got the look of death as we walked in and our server wished we were never born. So we get ready to order and our server in a rushed manner drops the "oh yeah we're out of the linguine and clams..D'oh! My wife orders the Lobster and shrimp ravioli that turned out to be a gooey bad dish stench of a meal in a sea salt brine. I tasted the broth and pushed it aside and ordered a PIZZA and mussels and 2 glasses of wine ...the table next to us were laughing b/c they knew what we sent back b/c they did too, as well as the table next to them. WELL the table next to us and the table next to them didn't have to pay nor did it show up on the bill. We had to ask and then explain and justify our case for the item to be removed then we got the check with highlighted notes. "thought dish was too salty" our neighbors didn't get labeled. Anyways the pizza was cold, service was cruel and the seafood brine pasta was not of this planet. They have lost some DT customers for sure. Next time we hop in the car and go to Palermo! I no longer will defend the Patina group.

      2. If you get desert, I highly recommend their cherry gelato. The one and only memorable aspect of my one meal there. It was delicious beyond description.

        1. One of the few places with Vin Santo and biscotti / cookies for dessert. The butternut squash (or pumpkin) ravioli is great, but slighlty smallish. Great Italian wines.

          1. I wasn't particularly overwhelmed by my recent dining experience at Zucca, but the pizzas have promise. I had the zucca pizza (pumpkin/squash in lieu of tomato paste) and found it a bit rich and sweet for my liking. The goat cheese, prosciutto, and crust were quite tasty, though, so i'll probably try one of their marinara-base pizzas if I ever go again. My dining companion's lamb shank wasn't that memorable either, but at least it was edible. Those two entrees, a couple glasses of wine, and a shared polenta appetizer came out to a hefty chunk of change for two (100+ with tax and tip).

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              I hope you never go to a Patina Group restaurant like Zucca looking for an overwhelming experience.
              It is a decent quality restaurant set in pleasant surroundings, serving adequate to above-average quality Italian food.
              Take advantage of their free corkage policy for a savings bonus, and a definite upgrade for your beverage choice.
              keep in mind that $100 for 2 today including tax and tip is considered a deal, relatively, for an up-scale restaurant.

              1. re: carter

                I would not consider the meal I got at Zucca for $100 to be a "deal." I'm aware that's not a lot for many restaurants in Los Angeles, but Zucca (in my opinion) doesn't merit inclusion in that class of restaurants. I didn't get a whole bottle of wine, mind you... just two glasses. In the end, I thought I overpaid for the quality of food I received, but it certainly wasn't the worst meal I've had in LA.

                I've often been overwhelmed by $1.00 tacos available at various taco trucks throughout the city, so I look to be overwhelmed by the food wherever I can, and regardless of price. I went to Zucca with no expectations, however, and left with those expectations pretty much fulfilled :)

                Free corkage is a nice touch, but it would take much more than that for me to choose Zucca over any of the other $100+ for two restaurants in the city. I'm not trying to bash the restaurant needlessly, and I did note the pizzas were good. Having chosen Zucca on the basis of threads on this board, though, i'm just doing my duty by other Chowhounds to inform them that there are better choices than the "above-average quality" food available at this restaurant!