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Mar 25, 2011 07:44 AM

Good jewish rye bread in Boston

Hey folks, I've got a brisket curing and on its way to magically becoming pastrami... but I realized that I don't know the first thing about where to find a good loaf of light seeded rye bread in this town. Your suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. Iggy's (they call it dark rye, but it is really just a good seeded rye.)

    When Pigs Fly also has an excellent version.

    Oh, and by the way, what time is lunch? ;-)

    1. Just read a great article about Jewish Rye in the latest Saveur (yes, I'm pimping it cuz I think it's that good). Apparently the travesty that is the bread at Katz's and Carnegie is because "no one buys this old skool product anymore". I'm sure fans of Langers in LA would disagree.

      But I digress. The rye from Pigs Fly is very good.

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        The ny rye from When Pigs Fly is the only rye I've found that is close to a traditional jewish rye. Iggy's is good and the Butcherie sometimes has a packaged rye from a Brooklyn bakery that is ok, but neither of these equals WPF. For some reason only known to the gods of marketing, WPF often runs out of NY rye at the Brookline bakery. I've asked why they don't increase the supply, but it seems an unanswerable question. Clear Flour, which I love, does not make a NY rye and I don't care for it's deli rye.

      2. Speaking with authority as a Yiddishe Maidela, I can highly recommend When Pigs Fly rye!

        1. Interesting that the When Pigs Fly version is so good! I haven't loved many of their bagged and sliced breads that I've tried, but I've never tried the rye. I also had no idea that they had a bakery in Brookline, so perhaps I'll swing by there!

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            Well, a store in Brookline. All their breads are made in southern Maine.

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              They also have a location in Somerville. I actually like the slightly lighter style that Iggy's makes. Again they call it "Dark Rye" but it's not.

              Both are excellent.

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                at the brookline store, the bread is sliced for you and you can immediately take it out of the darn plastic wrap which alters its texture irrevocably. i much prefer the bread i buy from the bakery when compared to their wrapped bread from the supermarket. the bakery also carries a great sicilian pepper bread.

              2. The original comment has been removed