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Jan 14, 2006 05:54 PM

Pressed Almond Duck

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Does anyone know of a decent Chinese Restaurant in Gardena/Torrance that serves pressed duck with real gravy not sweet and sour sauce. OR even decent Chinese Take Out! Thanks.

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  1. What's pressed duck? Is it like roasteed duck that you find at Cantonese bbq places or peking duck?

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      Hi Angie. Since your question is not restricted to the LA area we ask that you put it up again on our General Topics message board, (see link below to take you there) where these types of topics are discussed.

      Please, no replies here.


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        Sorry my intention was to figure out the original poster's question so I might help her to locate a place in LA who serves them. I'm Chinese but never heard of pressed duck, so was just wondering.......

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          Thank you, Angie. Still looking for good Chinese Food in Gardena/Torrance. I am used to Cantonese, but any will do. Can you help? Almond duck-pressed duck same thing.

          1. re: mochi-mochi

            Why don't you try Paul's Kitchen in Monterey Park on Atlantic Blvd. They have the old style chinese food with pressed almond duck and gravy. I had it about a month ago, and it's they old style, the way they use to make it decades ago.
            Professor Mochi

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              Thanks for explaining. I have not eaten nor seen pressed almond duck before, but when I'm in Torrance I would go to Moo's. It's not Cantonese. It's more of Korean Chinese so try their Chow Ma Mein (you can order dry or with soup), fish dumplings, and a cold chicken dish which name might be Shan Dong Chicken.

              Moo's Restaurant
              4817 Torrance Blvd.
              Torrance, CA

              1. re: angie

                Thank you for your kindness in replying. I will try the fusion Chinese/Korean? Appreciate it.

              2. re: mochi

                I love Paul's Kitchen! Yes and they have the best Hom Yu... I forgot about them... Thanks!

      2. Not in Gardena/Torrance, but this is the only place I know that serves Almond Duck, and they do a pretty good job at it.

        Wong's Chinese Restaurant
        10642 Westminster Ave
        Garden Grove, CA 92843-4912
        (714) 537-4920

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        1. re: Nate

          Thank you, I may have to travel for this. None around here,apparently! Again, thank you for the info.

          1. re: Nate

            Hey Nate,
            Any other reccommendations for dishes at Wongs? I live out in Tustin and although I go to New Formosa for almond duck occasionally, its pretty far. I like anything resembling the old Far East/ chinese cantonese style stuff. I have been to the place that took over Far East and the food sucked!

            1. re: boorenda

              The Egg Foo Yong and House Special Chow Fun are also excellent at Wong's

              The Egg Foo Yong Lunch Special consists of Egg Flower Soup, Crispy Fried Noodles
              Egg Roll, Shrimp Won Tons, Entree and choice of Fried or Steamed Rice.
              All this for $7.99 (before 4 pm).


              Chow Fun
              686 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

          2. The Far East Cafe will be re-opening soon in Little Tokyo. My friend who is one of the owners said then menu while being expanded will carry many of the old favorites including almond duck.
            There is a place called China Garden on Garfield across the street from Montebello Golf Course that carries almond duck.

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            1. re: Ron

              Oh my goodness, Far East. What a blast from the past. Our family used to go there all the time for banquets and such. How fun. They had the best Almond Duck... Tell your friend we are looking forward to their re-opening! Thanks!

            2. Hi! If you know the Torrance/Gardena area, look for the Hong Kong Deli just south of Harbor General Hospital. Its on Carson before the 110 Freeway. Right in the same parking lot as the deli, is a large Chinese restaurant. Its directly across the driveway from the deli. You can't miss it. I just don't remember the name of it.
              They make pressed duck there with a brown gravy. I ordered it but had them skip the brown gravy and slip some sweet and sour sauce over it. They even sprinkled some almonds on the dish for me as I was just dying to have Pressed Almond Duck! I love that dish! But what's on the menu is what you want.. pressed duck with gravy.

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                The name of the restaurant is Hong Kong Garden Restaurant. It's actually on Vermont right behind the gas station.

              2. Try Tin Sing Restaurant, 1523 West Redondo Beach Boulevard Gardena, 90247, phone 310/327-3177. A "China-meshi" sort of place -- if it still open, I'd guess they would have it.


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                1. re: doctom

                  Sadly, Tin Sing Closed down a while ago.

                  1. re: doctom

                    Tin Sing (on Redondo Beach Blvd, in Gardena, as I recall) had a TREMENDOUS almond pressed duck. I moved to Torrance in 1967 and throughout (North Torrance) high school, my family would always go to Tin Sing's for "three number 2 dinners", always, and I would get almond pressed duck every time. Even for many years, we go would go there whenever I would come home on leave in the Marine Corps. I guess about 5 years ago, Tin Sings closed. I understand they were trying to re-open as a drive through maybe someday, but nothing yet, unfortunately. I have lived in many countries, ate in many Chinese food restaurants around the US and overseas, but I have NEVER been able to find anything like Tin Sing's almond pressed duck (hence why I decided today to search the Internet for any other place I might try in LA / Orange county).

                    1. re: pbphil

                      It has been since Tin Sing closed that I had almond pressed duck. I tried the places I found when I made my post back in 2008, but no one had APD like Tin Sing. Just read the post about Fu Shing... Just went and picked up an order, and sure enough, finally I found APD like Tin Sing used to make. It's a pretty large order, and was about $9 including tax. Finally.

                      Fu Shing Restaurant
                      4152 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90037

                      Fu Shing Restaurant
                      1838 W 182nd St, Torrance, CA 90504