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Mar 25, 2011 03:35 AM

Aviator Smokehouse BBQ (Fuquay-Varina) - Anyone been?

Has anyone been to this new bbq place affiliated with Aviator Brewing Co? Here's the link to the menu:

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  1. We checked it out for the first time last weekend and thought it was good. They do a hushpuppy app that has bits of pork blended in, which is a great idea, but the pork wasn't really noticeable. (When you've spent the better part of the afternoon in their taproom, though, it really doesn't matter.) The ribs were fine -- probably better than most other restaurant ribs I've had around here, although that isn't saying much. My wife had a burger, which she enjoyed.

    We'll definitely go there again, as we'd like to try some of the other offerings. I don't know that I would drive out to Fuquay for the smokehouse, but I will drive there for the beer, and the addition of food makes it that much better. I prefer the atmosphere of the taproom, and they'll bring the food across the street to you if you call for takeout.