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Mar 24, 2011 08:52 PM

Beer Line Cleaning...looking for some help please!


I know this is typically a forum to discuss brands, favorites etc...but I know someone out there can help me with this.

I'm a restaurant manager, and cringe every time I have to pay the beer tech to come out and clean my lines. I know and understand the importance of clean draft beer lines, so I get it done often...but I can't help but to think that if I had the supplies, I could save money in the long run by doing it myself.

Does anyone know of a good site to get more info on getting what is needed to do this? I've done a bit of searching, but don't really know what exactly is I guess if there is a good resource out there that explains the process, i would love to learn more about this...even if I don't end up doing it myself, I'd like to be better versed in what exactly it is they are doing when they clean our lines.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Do a search over on the Micromatic forums- - the subject comes up quite a bit over there. They also sell the equipment for line cleaning and probably have a page or two of instructions on the site, as well.

    1. Chapter 8 of the Brewers' Association Draught Quality Manual likely has what you need...

      Time consuming but not difficult. Find a local advanced homebrewer with a home system to demonstrate.

      1. I assume it's not legal in your state for your wholesalers to clean your lines, because that would be the obvious solution. Too bad we have this patchwork of laws in all the states.

          1. Absolutely clean your own lines! When we opened I received unsolicited quotes from 2 commercial folks, both were outrageous. We picked up a small garden sprayer style pressure tank with the appropriate connectors, a bucket of line cleaner from pretty much any of your suppliers, and in 30 minutes each week, our 9 tap lines are fresh and ready to go! We purchased the cleaning tank and adapters from Micromatic but I know there are others out there as close as a "Google" search.