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Mar 24, 2011 08:15 PM

Sorta odd: Where to buy kabob cart parts or the mini kabob grill in NY?

I moved to NY from a place with a yard and the one big thing I miss is grilling. Here, I don't have a yard, but do have access to a tiny outdoor space. As such, I've been checking out small Webers, etc. Most seem flimsy.

Then today I was grabbing a bite at a kabob vendor and noticed he was grilling the food on a small, shoebox-sized, cast iron, charcoal grill (not a steam table). It's nothing new, but it dawned on me that the small grill box might perfect for the home cook who only wants to flame cook a couple of burgers, a few kabobs, some chicken, etc. Obviously not to feed a crowd. So I asked the kabob vendor if he knew where to buy just the grill, and he had no idea.

Therefore I'm throwing this question into cyberspace, hoping someone lives or works near a kabob kart assembly business, or anyone else who might have shoebox-sized grills for sale.

Any leads?

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  1. You can start out by looking for hibachis on

    1. Korin Japanese kitchen supply carries several sizes Yakitori Konro, or rectangular Yakitori grills made out of heavy insulating refractory material. They are quite expensive but should last a lifetime if well cared for and kept out of the weather. I have the smallest size which can be used with the grill for small items, or without if you are using long kabob skewers. It is just about the size of a large shoebox. Plus, Korin is local to you.
      Hope this helps!

      57 Warren St, New York, NY 10007

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        Jon, go for the Weber. My 'smokey joe' is the smallest size, and it's been outside for about 14 years. It has the older style wood handle, as opposed to the newer composite handle. Holds a whole chicken (quartered) or 3-4 strip steaks. Plus the lid offers more cooking styles / options. Mine was $25, Now they are nearer to $40. I use it year-round 2-3 times per week. You'll get your money's worth!

        1. re: chefdaddyo

          Thanks. I like Weber, but in this situation would like something rectangular. The spaces I'm working with are narrow (think of resting a grill on a wall).

        2. re: klieglight2

          I secind Korin-ans you can also buy those wonderful Japanese charcoal too!