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Blackstrap BBQ

Went there tonight. Great Brisket and colllards. Truely as good as any I have ever had. The ribs were not my favorite and the Asian Slaw was not up to Uncle Pete's. Would Uncle Pete's widow take a trip to Winthrop and sell your slaw to Blackstrap's owner. We loved your husband and your Asian Slaw.

Blackstrap BBQ
47 Woodside Ave, Winthrop, MA 02152

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  1. Yes it is a great place, if it was in my neighborhood I would be much more overweight. Sadly I haven't found an asian slaw as good as uncle pete's. I think their smoked chicken is really good.

    1. Another gotta-go-back-to-try-more-stuff place! Read the reviews, had to try it, and we weren't disappointed!
      Mrs had The Celtic sandwich - nice moist brisket slice over slaw with a fried egg on top, and mustard sauce over it. Interesting combo and delicious but FILLING! She had collard greens and sweet potato sides and both were outstanding.
      I had the dry rub memphis ribs and asian slaw. Ribs were done just right, crusty and juicy! Asian slaw was very good but not great. I was going to try the fried oyster Po' Boy but then I realized that Belle Isle was nearby, so stuck with the BBQ.
      Funky little place in a neat square in Winthrop.
      Now that they've passed muster, I have to experience both The Hog and The Highway Burger, and any place that has fried chicken livers with onions and mustard is a keeper!

      1. Stopped by there yesterday morning around 11:40. Honestly, we were just going to check it out en route from Deer Island to Belle Isle, but I figured a quick bite wouldn't ruin out appetites for Lobster Rolls, so we ordered the Fried Pickles, a small order of Mac & Cheese, and then I saw THE HOG on the menu. Smoked Kilbasa, wrapped in bacon, and fried.

        BIG MISTAKE. That must have been a half pound and I ate every bite and had no room for lobster.

        The Mac & Cheese was very close to the best I've had anywhere (Hill Country in NYC is a bit better, and SoulFire is also up there). The pickles were very good and a huge portion for the price.

        Will have to go back some day when we can make a commitment to eat a full meal there. Just so hard with Belle Isle around the corner!

        1. Decided to pay them a visit today for lunch and tried the Duo of Meats and I selected the Memphis Dry Rubbed Pork Ribs and the sliced Texas Brisket. Sides were baked beans and mashed potatoes. The baked beans were very sweet, think Boston baked beans, and so undercooked that they were not edible. The mashed potato was completely devoid of seasoning. The ribs was fine, with a god crust and a nice spicy rub. They were cooked well with a god chew left on the meat. Unfortunatley one rib was missing a god chunk of the meat on the bone. I asked for some fat on the brisket and got that. The brisket was fine, could have had more smoke flavor but was tender and nice. The smoke ring was very thin and really just under the surface of the meat. Good amount of food with plenty of leftovers.


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            Dude, I think I just filled the cup.

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              Good not god, grammar checker was busted.

            2. Uncle Petes asian slaw was out of this world.

              1. Had lunch here yesterday after being away from the place for about 6 months, and OH MY has it changed! They took over the restaurant space 2 doors to the right (Bamboo?) but not the insurance office in between and are now in a much larger V shaped location.

                No more going up to the register right in front of the kitchen to order and seeing/hearing/smelling the kitchen at work. No more huge blackboard of menu items and specials. No more cooler with sodas, jugs with water/lemonade/etc. No more counter with all the fixin's (and napkins and silverware).

                The new part is a full out bar, with TVs and a few tables (and the old register station). The old space has been expanded back into part of what was the kitchen, with new floors and now two (2!) bathrooms. Menu looks the same, orders are taken at (and delivered to) the table, prices look similar, but most importantly


                I'm not sure I can handle all the style and artwork and space, but I'll have to.

                Surprised this hadn't been mentioned on CH before, as the manager said the process finished up before the summer, and that they are filling the space up most nights.

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                  Sadly it's in Winthrop which is out of the way, likely the reason for the lack of attention

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                    No doubt. And honestly, we usually end up at Belle Isle when we're in that neighborhood, but we are all lobster roll'd out after our trip to Maine last weekend (see Northern NE board for details) so were happy to hit Blackstrap for a change

                2. I'll have to give this place another try. I had the smoked chicken and found it dry and rather bland. The mashed potatoes were underseasoned, lumpy, and paste-like. I don't remember what the other side was. My go to is the Blue Ribbon in Arlington which many people feel has gone somewhat downhill, but anything I've had there was vastly superior to my one trip to Blackstrap. I'll give it another go and try something else.

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                    I liked my various trips to blackstrap, more than blue ribbon. I still quite like BTs but that's out of the purview of this board.

                    I ended up buying my own smoker which ended the bbq debates for me tho :)

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                      Can I bring the wife and kids?

                      I agree, BT's is our favorite within 100 miles, but Blackstrap is second for us, followed by Sweet Cheeks (but expensive!), then Blue Ribbon.

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                        re Sweet Cheeks - I went a couple of times right after they opened and thought it was fine but nowhere near worth the price. Since then, multiple people that I trust implicitly have been singing its praises so I figure I'm due for another looksee. Granted, there are some folks I know who I trust a little less implicitly who like it less so, but if perhaps there is a situation where SC has improved over time who knows who went there when.

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                          When they first opened, the portions were quite small for the price. Since those days, they have increased the sizes of the portions, without raising the price. It's still pricey for BBQ, but most BBQ restaurants don't use heritage pork, etc. I like their BBQ for Boston, though if I'm anywhere near central MA, I'm going to BT's. Sweet Cheeks biscuits, however, are the best I've ever eaten, and I've eaten my share of Southern biscuits.

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                            Oh man. I'd totally forgotten about those biscuits. Those are certainly better than anything I've had at Blackstrap (to bring this thread a bit back on course!)

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                              The biscuits and fried chicken are the only worthwhile things at Sweet Cheeks IMO. Price aside, the actual BBQ items are wildly inconsistent. I prefer the BBQ items at Blackstrap across the board.

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                                I don't eat fried chicken, but I do love the Sweet Cheeks fried okra as well as the biscuits.

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                        I did the same and I'll take my homemade Q over just about anything in the area.

                    2. If you are in the area early on wednesdays, I still think this is one of then best deals around:

                      " BBQ Chicken Family 4 Pack … $19.99 before 6PM, $24.99 after 6PM
                      4LBS. of Chicken cut into 8 pieces, 2LBS. of Mashed Potatoes, Garden Salad, 4 Biscuits + Gravy on the side."

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                          Yes. Its under "specials", along with a very good brisket reuben on mondays. While it is not quite as good as B.T. Smokehouses reuben, it does come with two sides for 10 bucks.

                      1. We've been a fan of Blackstrap for a couple years now. I would put them in my top three BBQ places for Boston. I agree with you, that Asian slaw of their's is kind of out of whack. One of the sides we can't live without though, is the chili mac. It's amazing. Has anyone tried the fried chicken. It's supposed to be great, but they only run it as a special and we've never had the chance to get some.