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Mar 24, 2011 07:51 PM

Saint Amour Restaurant in Culver City

Just had a wonderful dinner tonight at Saint Amour restaurant in Culver City. I had their price fixe dinner, which tonight was a salad with hazelnuts and goat cheese, sauteed skate wings in lemon and caper sauce, and a chocolate pot au creme desert ($27). My wife had mushroom soup and their salmon. Charming hostess, great food, excellent service, good wines by the glass and reasonable prices. We have never had a bad meal there. This is just the type of local/neighborhood restaurants that we should be supporting instead of searching out the newest, hippest, trendiest and expensive places. Don't make them raise their prices and go pretentious on us to attract new patrons. During these continuing tough times we need to support our local restaurants that provide good food at reasonable prices. My two cents!

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  1. Agree totally. That makes four cents!
    Wish I lived closer.

    1. Their Beef Bourguignon has satisfied me on more than one recent rainy night. It comes with fluffy gnocchi, so it's enough food to save some for the next day too!

      1. Glad to get some dinner reviews. Being in Pasadena, I've gotten down there for only a couple of lunches, though Mrs. O was a big fan of their stuff when they ran Angelique downtown; I got to eat there just once, got the duck confit, and was thrilled, on ordering it at Saint Amour, to find how much M. Commereuc's version of that dish has since improved on the very nice earlier iteration.

        1. and their charcuterie plate is very good. The real thing.