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Mar 24, 2011 06:55 PM

kosher valley chickens?

So as most of you know who have ever done some combination of kosher/kosher style/ non kosher eating, it's not like kashrut is followed to make the food taste better -

however I LOVE the kosher valley chickens, I think I will only buy kosher chickens from now on. i bought it because it was kosher and i was frankly grossed out by the blood in my chickens ( i keep kosher style at home) and it was such a great chicken. love it.

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  1. Another fantastic kosher chicken is Grow and Behold. I just recently had an opportunity to try them for the first time. I tried them because i try to only buy poultry and meat that is humanely raised and slaughtered, and Grow and Behold met those standards. However, the chicken was also absolutely delicious.not sure where you are located, but they do delivery in the NY/NJ area.