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Mar 24, 2011 06:04 PM

new haven: sunday breakfast and coffee shop to work at

hello chowhounders,

I will be in New Haven for a conference and will have a couple of hours on Sunday morning in New Haven before I head home. Any recs for a good breakfast spot and a coffee shop to do some work at within walking distance of the Courtyard by Marriott at Yale?


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  1. A fair hike but worth it- Lena's Cafe on Whalley Ave in Westville

    1. Not much in walking distance. The Educated Burgher is a few blocks up, There is a luncheonette next door but I have not been there since the 80's. Lena's is good as is Bela's across the street, but they are over a mile. Bela's is mobbed on Sundays so not a good place to linger and work

      Educated Burgher
      51 Broadway, New Haven, CT 06511

      1. I haven't frequented that neighborhood in a few years, but it's right by the Yale campus so there are plenty of coffee/hangout places within easy reach. Good breakfast may be a bit more of a challenge - Atticus Bookstore-Cafe (a few blocks away on Chapel St) always has a good selection of breakfast pastries & sandwiches, I'm not sure about anything more elaborate.