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Mar 24, 2011 05:51 PM

Mario's La Fiesta in Berkeley

being sold - last day Thursday, March 31.

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  1. We had our Christmas party there, so they sent our admin person this announcement. I came in last and was served first!

    March 23, 2011

    Mario’s La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant.

    To Our Dear Customers,

    After 52 years in business we have made the decision to retire.

    We wish to thank you All for your patronage over the years. We will miss seeing our regular customers and miss meeting new patrons at our small family business. We count the years spent with all of you as some of our happiest memories.

    Our thanks also to all the Golden Bears who for the past 50 plus years allowed us to feed them and who sent their children and grandchildren to visit us when it was time for the next generation to attend Cal.

    While we have loved owning La Fiesta and being a part of this community, we are looking forward to this next chapter of our lives and spending more time with our children, grandchildren and great grandchild.

    The business is being sold to Manuel Lopez (Manny); a friend of ours who will also do his best to serve you well when he takes over. The name of the new business will be Remy’s Mexican Restaurant. The menu will remain about the same at the beginning and will probably be expanded later. I hope you remain as patrons of Remy’s. Manuel is looking forward to serving you as we did.

    Thank You Again for coming to La Fiesta!
    We have enjoyed being a part of your lives!

    It has been a pleasure cooking for you,

    Mario and Rosalinda Tejada

    La Fiesta Restaurant
    240 Villa St, Mountain View, CA 94041

    La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant
    2506 Haste St, Berkeley, CA 94704

    Golden Bear
    389 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

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      1. re: chocolatetartguy

        Thanks for the info...good to know it's getting new owners and not just closing.

        I remember getting the two flautas combo for $3.25 back in the day...which you could split over two meals if you were really down on the funds.

        I also ate at the new location behind Amoeba Records, last year. Never knew it but besides being their home, half the building was a private dining/banquet hall.

      2. Wow. Thanks for the memories! I haven't been there for years and years and years, but I started eating there as a teenager, when my friends and I used to take the bus into Berkeley. Chicke Enchiladas Verde, chips and salsa -- yum! I don't remember how much, but even on a teenager's budget I thought it was cheap!

        I'm glad it's going to continue, in some form or the other. BTW, how's the food these days?

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        1. Wow, lots of memories, although I haven't been there in years. Thanks for posting. I'd hate to have stopped by and have been surprised to have found it no longer there.

          1. Wow!! I doubt there are many Old Blues who can't remember at least a few meals at La Fiesta. I may have to go there this week for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

            Best of success to the old and new owners. Hope they don't compete too much with each other.

            La Fiesta Restaurant
            240 Villa St, Mountain View, CA 94041

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            1. re: Eugene Park

              I am an Old Blue and for some reason, I can't remember seeing this or being there. Maybe I am just a Too Old Blue. I will drive by to look at it.

              1. re: wally

                Please go in and try before it's too late. Flauta and enchilada verde combo plate is the best! Parking easier on Sunday.