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Buying shrimp...21-25 count....what would you do?

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Heh...a local shop, Wynn's, has what they call "jumbo" gulf shrimp on sale for $7.99/pound...(now truly, that is unbelievable..the jumbo part AND the price)...haven't seen a price like that in, uh, well a LONG damned time...going price is at LEAST $13/pound for large-ish size wild-caught Gulf shrimp. So, I go there and buy a pound..get it home and count it out...36 shrimp, some the size of my pinky and some the size of my forefinger, the rest in between. But definitely not 25 pieces. Would you point this out to the manager? I do kind of feel like I'm being ripped off (and I know for a fact that I am)....thanks!
EDIT: what bothers me is that what they say in the add 21-25 count is NOT what it really is...

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  1. Did you see these shrimp before you bought it? If that wasn't possible, then yes, I would say something next time I went in. But if you chose not too look, well then "buyer beware."

    1. Did the shrimp still have their heads when you got them home? That is a likely explanation for you counting 36 rather than 25. Nonetheless those shrimp were improperly sorted, and you might mention that to the manager.

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        AreBe, no ...no heads ON the shrimp...I don't think I've ever seen them sold that way in FL since I've lived here (1988)...thank you!

      2. It really could have been a mistake.....in reality, assuming the smaller shrimp were on sale too, you're talking about a 2 buck difference per pound sin size and quality. The way I see it is you have two options directly with the store.

        1. Call the store and tell the manager now, before your next shopping trip. See what the response is and decide if you will ever give the store the opportunity to see your dollars again....or at the very least, the seafood department.

        2. Be more aware and diligent next time you make a purchase of shrimp.

        The third option, and the one I would recommend if you do not follow either 1 or 2 above is to let it go.

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          Thanks...I'll call that store, I think...not to be a bee-otch, but to point out that: hey, you say one thing in your ad to get folks to come in but then ...ummm..it's really not so. (bait and switch)...which isn't fair to the consumer.

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            I'd at least call the store. They'll take your name and give you a credit for the next time you come in. I doubt they'll expect you to bring the opened shrimp back, so you'll probably end up ahead.

        2. I've been buying frozen shrimp at my local grocer; the extra-large is marked as 21-25 count, and the jumbo is marked with a higher count per pound. I always thought jumbo would be a smaller count, I don't get it either but I just shrug it off and buy the extra-large..

          1. I mostly buy head on, boat run shrimp, but when buying "count" sized shrimp, I always expect to have a few over sized and a few undersized...On average they're usually about right ~~ Whatever, If you're not satisfied....complain!


            1. There is a MAJOR difference in 21-25 and 36 count shrimp.

              I would call the store and let them know. See how they respond. Sometimes the fishmonger either dumps the wrong bag into the case or grabs the wrong shrimp if they are lined up next to each other. Could be an honest mistake.

              1. Did you buy the shrimp frozen and then weigh when thawed? I don't know what the rules are on this sort of thing, but I would imagine that an IQF shrimp has a lot of extra weight from water used during the freezing process. Kind of a dirty trick if this is what is going on...

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                  chococat...no...these were loose, fresh, wild Gulf of Mexico (headless) shrimp in a case and I asked for 1 pound. Sort of like a deli situation...someone waits on you behind the counter & asks what you'd like.

                2. Thanks, everyone...I will either call or visit the store and *gently* point out this situation. I really don't want any money back or anything...they should know that consumers care, that's all. I work right nearby so it's not a big deal to walk in. Also, like I said, that price was amAZing and I don't like to complain when it's such a good deal,...but ya know...still...and they tasted great in my Thai Shrimp Curry.