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Mar 24, 2011 05:38 PM

Need Upscale Dinner Recommendations for Prague

My husband and I will be staying at the Four Seasons Prague for 4 nights in September. We need restaurant recommendations for very special, memorable dinners. We are looking for great food, a gourmet experience, fabulous service and beautiful ambience. Thus far, we are considering V Zatisti and U Modre Ruze. Also Allegro at the Four Seasons and Essencia at the Mandarin Oriental. Please comment on each of these, and please recommend others that you think we should not miss. When making your recommendations, however, please keep in mind that we are American and are seeking straightforward, not too exotic, ingredients or preparations.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. I'm not familiar with any of the restaurants you cite, but my favorite splurge restaurant in Prague was Aromi, upscale Italian seafood in Vinohrady, Closest metro/tram stop is Jiriho z Podebrad. If you go, say "Hi" to Marek (manager) for me.
    Aromi has a sister restaurant, Le Finestra, near Old Town Square, but I wasn't as taken with that one.

    1. I'd like to make a recommendation but first I'd like to point out the absurdity of your closing statement. We too are American but didn't put those bizarre limitations on ourselves. Different cultures revel in different techniques and ingredients and if you go into a dining experience with a laundry list of things you won't touch you are wasting your (apparently vast) resources.

      That said La Degustation was our one fine dining experience but it was an absolute knock out. There was some raw beef and some offal so I don't know how you would feel about it...

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        I second Le Degustation - one of my top five meals ever and a beautiful restaurant to boot.

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          Thanks for the helpful reply. I will definitely check that out.

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        1. Let me first comment on the OP choices and then on the others in the comments.
          V Zatisi is one of my favorite restaurants. It has pleasant fine dining Czech food, not too weird, not too light. It's a safe choice.They have a wine pairing menu, which I found always well paired and quite palatable. Allegro is great for sitting outside on the terrace or by the window with a great view of the river. Otherwise international / Italian food, although a bit too complicated for me - I like simple in Italian.Essencia at Mandarin Oriental has a very good chef now, with very good light versions of Czech dishes and some Asian dishes thrown in. I would scratch out U Modre Ruze, which I find very pretentious and unworthy of its reputation.

          Aromi and La Finestra are very good Italian restaurants, but with a very loud and lively atmosphere, definitelly not fine dining. La Finestra specialises on meat, Aromi on fish. Huge portions and definitely a notch or two below the prices of the other establishments.
          Amici Miei - had my wedding there 7 years ago and went back for lunch last week. Quite good but I'm surprised they are still running with those huge prices. I think there are definitelly better options for this price range, especially on that same street.
          Letensky zamecek - never been there and never will, more reputed for its location then food, i don't recommend.

          I definitelly recommend La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise. I recommend taking the Czech version of the menu, the dishes are slightly better than the French / international side. This is a tasting menu restaurant, where you'll happily spend a long time and enjoy yourself very much. They do have wine parings and prepare yourself for a long line of glasses :-)

          Now a new suggestion: Alcron, the smaller restaurant in Radisson hotel is definitelly one of my favorites, serving very good seafood dishes.

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            Thanks, seasicka, for your frank and insightful recommendations. I will definitely pursue your suggestions. My only regret is that I have only 4 nights in Prague. There seem to be so many wonderful choices! Thanks for the help!

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              Glad to help, let me know afterwards how it went. Tonight, I was in Zatisi or dinner and found it as good as allways. Some tourists, some locals, nice and quiet in a very nice athmosphere. Enjoy.

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                Thanks again! I can't wait to get there!

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              In case you folks don't see it in the other thread, here are many pics from La Degustation:

            3. We just returned from Prague several weeks ago. V Zatisi is a safe choice, however it would be a stretch to suggest that it offers great food. In addition, I was extremely disappointed with the wine arrangement. Considering that the cost of the wine arrangement is approximately 2/3 the cost of the dining menu, they were extremely miserly with the amounts provided and never made an effort to refill our glasses. In summary, I did not leave the restaurant with the satisfaction of feeling that it was money well spent.