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Mar 24, 2011 05:13 PM

White Dog, good dog!

A colleague and I had lunch at the White Dog Cafe in Wayne today. Things did start out a bit strange as there was a power outage when we entered, Smoke from the grill (with no fan operative) filled the restaurant. After a nice Stoudt's APA at the bar and in 25 minutes all was well.

The lunch menu has a nice selection of interesting items. I had the Amish Chicken Cobb salad. I favor the chopped Cobb salad, this was not chopped. It had the elements of a proper Cobb plus palm hearts, small pepper strips for color and the greens were spring mix. The salad served in the alternative Cobb manner was very good. My colleague, who is burger knowledgable, had the burger and thought it very good. The service was quite nicely handled. I would call the prices fair indeed.

The venue offered free valet parking and the decor was very interesting from the bottle lights over the bar to the hanging stacks of book and the light and airy patio looking front room. Clubby for sure, but friendly and welcoming. The dog theme is omnipresent. One could not swing a dead cat without hitting a dog picture or statuary or other canine item. I look forward to returning for the lunch burger and for the dinner menu. You have probably already guess that if you have any problem with dogs perhaps you should forgo a visit !

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  1. Was there for dinner shortly after it opened. We came early and were seated in the room next to the bar. Bar was so loud we could not hear each other talk. Food for me was unremarkable or even a little below that.

    1. Sounds like an interesting spot! Always loved the original at Penn BUT in recent years it went downhill and just felt "dirty and junky" rather than the original "trendy" feel...Looking forward to visiting as the menu looks like it has quite a few vegetarian options!
      THanks for the review Bachus!