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N New England It's That Time of Year Again!

Time to announce any Ice Cream Shack openings that you know of! (Along with a shout out to your favorite flavor.)

I saw North Street Dairy in Waterville Maine has re-opened for the season, their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream with homemade gobs of Cookie Dough is my fave-rave.

Toots Ice Cream in Yarmouth is not opening until May 6th, however, same for Benson's in West Boxford Mass...what's up with THAT?


Toots Ice Cream
137 Walnut Hill Rd, North Yarmouth, ME 04097

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  1. I'm not a big fan of the place, but Hayward's in Nashua and Milford are open.

    1. The Big One is open as well....I think it's in Nashua, but may be Merrimack.

      Oh, and I love their german chocolate cake flavor!

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        I believe it is technically Nashua, but it's on DW Highway, north of Greeley Park right before you drive into Merrimack.

      2. My favorite for years has been Muddy Sneakers at Lago's Lone Oaks in Rye, NH. Though last year I really like the new flavor named after their snowboarding champion son, Scotty Lago's Bronze Run. I believe it had toasted coconut, walnuts, chocolate chips. Thanks for the reminder. I think they open April 1!

        1. HODGIES in Amesbury opens up this saturday, April 2nd.

          1. Webber's in Farmingdale, ME opened today (4/8).

            Tubby's in Winthrop, ME is now open year-round w/ indoor seating. (The original Tubby's in Wayne continues to be seasonal).

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              Webber's is horrible! Some of the worst hard-serve ice cream I've ever laid tongue on. The peanut butter soft-serve is acceptable. Deb's across the river is better than Webbers. John's Handmade on Route 3 in Liberty is open and worth the drive.

              Tubby's lobster stew is terrific, the ice cream ain't bad either.

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                You asked for reports of seasonal openings so I provided one.

                Yes I agree that John's in Liberty trumps all in this area.

            2. Come on, new englanders, find me some new ice cream to love!

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                Well, Gelato Fiasco stays open all winter. Not sure if it counts.

                The Gelato Fiasco
                74 Maine Street, Brunswick, ME

              2. Tim and Doug's at the Pick and Shovel in Newport is open and Coaticook Dairy in Coaticook Quebec is open (weekends and weather permitting). I know Quebec was New France not New England but Coaticook is definitely worth the 30 minute trip north of the border for the ice cream (the maple and nut is my favourite) and gorge park is awe inspiring.

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                  Laiteriedecoaticook.com Newport Vermont

                2. Arnie's in Concord, NH is open. They have Indian Pudding ice cream with great flavor and corn mealy texture, just like the real thing.

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                    Thanks for that tip...I love the sound of that flavor. I'd make the stop just for that!

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                      I like the Indian Pudding ice cream at Lago's Lone Oak on Rte 1 in Rye NH. Brown's in York Maine has it too.

                  2. Dorman's Dairy Dream on Route 1 between Thomaston & Rockland is open...

                    1. Brown's in Cape Neddick, ME opened on May 1. My youngest tried one of their new flavors -- whoopie pie. Oh. My. GOD - fabulous.

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                        Was it vanilla ice cream with frozen chunks of whoopie pie, or what?

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                          Vanilla ice cream with chunks of whoopie pie and some marshmallow yumminess.

                      2. Not that they ever close, but the Puritan Backroom has baklava ice cream that is out of this world. Cremeland has reopened for that real south Manchester NH ambience. Great ice cream, burgers and fried clams at picnic tables across the street from the Valley Street jail.

                        Puritan Backroom Restaurant
                        , Manchester, NH 03101

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                          Fab onion rings at Cremeland, too. Their pistachio is for NUT LOVERS only ! yum.