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Mar 24, 2011 04:57 PM

is London Broil good for hamburger?


While at the market last night, I saw some fresh looking beef and bought it. What was I thinking?
its TOP ROUND. I've never cooked with top round. Yes, I've read the recipes about cooking it (London Broil, etc) but all the recipes seems to suggest that its a pretty finicky cut of meat, and more than likely going to be tough despite marinading it.

So, I'm just not in the mood to ruin beef. Do any of you have any thoughts to what would happen if I mince it finely and just use it like hamburger? I was thinking of making a moussaka anyway.

Thanks for your meaty knowledge!

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  1. Probably too lean for hamburger. Usually something with more connective tissue and fat works better.

    1. I think top round steaks can be pounded and then used for chicken-fried steak......

      1. If you've grind it up already, I'd consider meat sauce or maybe even a sloppy joe -- not a burger. 4snisl's post about chicken-fried steak is probably the way to go if it's still whole.

        1. Not by itself, but if you either mixed it with some pork shoulder or even oxtail, it might work quite well.

          It's not that top round is lean, it's also that it's quite tasteless.

          1. Chuck roast has the right lean/fat ratio for grinding into hamburger. Top round does not.
            You can slice top round very thinly and stir-fry or use in chili or stroganoff. If it's a whole roast, it can be braised but you'll have to be patient. It will eventually become tender.