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Mar 24, 2011 04:21 PM

Blue corn enchiladas in Nebraska or Kansas

I'll be all over Kansas and Nebraska this summer and i was wondering if any restaurants have good blue corn enchiladas...or New Mexican cuisine. I know it may not be the most requested item in the area, but i have just been craving that cuisine lately...thanks!

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  1. Blue Corn isn't a usual item in my area (Wichita) being that most authentic Mexican restaurants here are simply satisfied with masa, since Blue Corn is about 5X more expensive than regular masa. Given that... we have a growing number of traditional Mexican offerings that have forgone the usual Tex-Mex in order to offer very traditional Mexican food... which I always associated with "New Mexican" food. When I was in Sante Fe for a few months tasting the "New Mexican" menus of various restaurants, the taste would always take me back to properly prepared, traditional Mexican cuisine. Maybe a few mixing up of ingredients, but traditional. In Wichita try El Piasa on Arkansas Ave and 21st for consistent food. Very tasty. If you get to the KC area the North end of Southwest Traffic Way has a good variety of Taquería's to choose from... check the KC board for picks.