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Dinosaur BBQ coming to Newark

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    1. re: Curlz

      my words exactly , WOW !!!
      I wish they would add BEEF ribs to their menu, though...

      1. re: Curlz

        I'd be happier with Daisy May's or Hill Country. I've never been impressed with Dinosaur. But, it's neat that they're opening down there.

        1. re: tommy

          I'm a big fan of Dinosaur. Once or twice a year, we do takeout from Dinosaur in Harlem, I always get the same thing: the Tres Amigos modified to include pulled pork, Elgin sausage and brisket , mac/cheese and collard greens. The place is always packed, always insanely busy, and the staff takes it all in stride.

      2. Great news! I'm a Syracuse alum so I was thrilled when Dinosaur opened in NYC. Now that there'll be one in NJ I'll really be spoiled. I love their food, especially the chili.

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        1. re: LttlMichey

          it is great news. Now when i pick mom up from penn station, we can do bbq for dinner instead of Portuguese. north jersey is seriously lacking in good bbq imho. any idea when they open? i remember when they opened in Harlem, it was tough for a long time to get reservations.

          1. re: yogi70

            They are hoping to open in November.

            1. re: coldbeer

              Actual they are opening May 9th,,,can't wait

        2. Well that saves some travel time! Great news. I can taste those plump smoky chicken wings right now

            1. It's too late to edit my post from a few days ago, but I started and didn't get to finish it, so...

              WOW is because this is great news for downtown Newark. Having worked there for 7+ years, I watched the slooooow start of the changes, and keep hoping/waiting to see it really happen. Dinosaur BBQ's announcement is exactly the kind of movement the area needs! The arena is great and draws thousands every time there's an event, but it hasn't fully pumped up that part of the city YET in the same way new arenas have in other areas of the country (see: Verizon Center in DC). I just hope a 'name' restaurant of this kind encourages others!

              1. Strange but true--when I opened this link I got a Jillian Michaels weight-loss program pop-up ad.

                1. wow, this is great! I don't usually post here, but this kicked me out of lurking mode :)

                  I laughed when I read about difficulty getting reservations, never made reservations at the location in Syracuse! :)

                  can't wait 'til it opens, love the atmosphere and the food!

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                  1. re: kriscoop

                    They don't take reservations in Syracuse... but now that I re-read it, I think you knew that. I've waited for an hour on a Monday in Syracuse for a table. It is actually not a bad thing to wait there - plenty of time to sample the tremendous selection of beer!

                    1. re: OrangeInNJ

                      We've always avoided the reservations issue in Harlem by going the call ahead-take-out route. That generates its own problems: the NYPD is ferocious on double parkers in that area; Fairway, across the street, has a huge parking lot but a securty patrol that is wise to the fact that Dinosaur's customers all want to park there (duh); and the one hour drive home in a car filled with the aromas of bbq.

                      1. re: albinoni

                        Dinosaur in Harlem moved down the block, further away from Fairway, because Fordham University took over their corner location, or at least that's what I was told when I visited Madame Alexander's factory store. I think this'll make it even harder to park now, but hope I'm wrong. I was told they took over what used to be a muffler shop. As for Syracuse, I went once while on a trip to look at upstate colleges with my son, it was freezing, and we had to wait an hour and a half for a table! Food was wonderful, but we were totally rushed because a band was going to be playing at 9 and they wanted our section for drinks and band followers. We had stood like sardines near the bar for 1.5 hours, and then wanted to eat leisurely and not have the food thrown at us. But the fried green tomatoes, pulled pork, chili, and mac n cheese were worth it!

                  2. This is terrific news. We went to the Harlem restaurant and thought it was great. Can't wait!

                    1. Does anyone know when Dinosaur is supposed to open? Someone said Novermber earlier; it's November, and I want some 'cue!

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                      1. re: diva360

                        The date I've heard now is March. So something to look forward to in 2012...

                        1. re: LttlMichey

                          Aww, guess I'll have to head to Harlem again soon. Thanks for the information.

                          1. re: LttlMichey

                            March is around the corner. Anyone hear any news

                            1. re: angelo04

                              not looking very likely -- the first floor, where I assume the restaurant will be, is covered in plastic sheeting, and there isn't a roof or windows. perhaps some structural issues are getting them off track, but they've been working on the space since at least last may.

                          2. re: diva360

                            Still no windows on the building and the front is completely exposed, BUT signs have gone up on the plywood announcing a Spring 2012 opening and that they are now hiring. So, the opening seems to be coming within the next few weeks/months...I hope...

                              1. re: fpic313

                                May 8th - here's an article about what they are doing differently:

                                  1. re: fpic313

                                    I hope they have a better cocktail program than the one in Harlem. Trying to get a proper margarita there was like pulling teeth, and cost 20 bucks.

                            1. Awesome! Was wondering where to take Mom for Mother's Day...oh, wait. She's a vegetarian...

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                              1. re: Curlz

                                Yay! I was just contemplating a trip to Harlem, but this location is much closer.

                              2. Tonight's opening night! Menu is up for the Newark location on their website.