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Mar 24, 2011 03:14 PM

What would make an amazing duck dinner?

I basically have a duck and would like to make the perfect duck dinner from soup to nuts for tomorrow (Friday)...first course, side dishes, dessert...everything. Anyone who knows menu planning please let me know.

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  1. I like to serve duck with orange sauce, wild rice and steamed or stir fried broccoli. A bubbly wine to have with it can help cut the fat.

    1. I, too, love duck and serve it many ways but a favourite includes a pomegranate glaze, wild mushroom and chestnut risotto and minted pea puree. A roasted carrot cumin puree is also nice. We also enjoy it with lentils braised in red wine and grilled asparagus or grilled leeks with shaved Parmesan. Grilled ramps or scallions are also wonderful. Braised canneloni beans with kale are a good accompaniment.

      Dessert? Something light like pavlova, profiteroles, panna cotta or a light trifle might be nice. So would a basil sorbet.

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        Just an aside re the pomegranate glaze; I was at a Turkish grocery store the other day and picked up sour cherry juice. The stuff tastes like concentrated, and TART cherry pie. I plan on making a nice crispy duck breast with a sauce using the cherry juice, demi glace, pomegranate syrup, thyme, and reduce the heck out of it.

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          Oh, yum. I can actually taste it at this moment. It's never dawned on me to pick up sour cherry juice but now I definitely will, so thanks lots!!

      2. You can use the duck five ways. The liver can be a pate, some of the skin can be made into cracklings to go on a salad, the legs/thighs can be braised, the breast cooked rare and the fat used to fry potatoes. Oh that would be heavenly.

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          yeah if you want to go all out this would be very awesome. I would add chard with lots of garlic as another side.

          I had a recipe somewhere for braised duck legs and thighs with the giblets and you pour it over pureed parsnips. . .

          dessert i think i would want maybe some fruit poached in wine?? not sure not a big sweets person.

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            Bien sur! That's the way the French would do it - they really don't do whole duck except at the holidays.

            and make sure you save ALL of the skin and fat -- render it and put it in a jar in your fridge. It's amazing how much fat there is in a duck, and even a spoonful of it elevates the flavor to an amazing level. Duck fat is high in oleic acid, by the way, so it's a 'good' fat -- bring it on!

          2. If you roast the duck, do save the carcass, and make this fabulous soup:


            1. Are you thinking of a whole duck, duck breast or something else? Do you want it to be a lot of work or would you prefer something simple?

              Here's a more involved meal, if you want that. Keep the portion sizes small.

              -- Gougeres, olive, nuts and sparkling wine (Champagne, Cava, Prosecco) while greeting guests.

              Sit down to:
              -- Frisee aux lardons or roasted, multicolored beet salad with chevre and pine nuts. Muscadet or Reisling with the former; Sancerre with the latter.
              -- Pan seared duck breast with pinot noir reduction, served over duck fat rosti or latkes, with a side of caramelized shredded roasted Brussels sprouts. Pinot noir to drink.
              -- Selection of cheeses (I like Bucheron, 4 year old aged Gouda, and a blue of some sort) with fruit (I like good crisp Fuji apples, grapes, dried apricots, figs). Serve ruby port (esp. for blue) or something else appropriate.
              -- Palate cleanser of something very light like blood orange or melon sorbet.