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Fortified Wines in Detroit Area

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Does anyone know of a wine/liquor store in the Detroit area that specializes in, or has a strong penchant for, fine, fortified wines (Port, Sherry, Madeira, etc.)?

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  1. If you can't find GREAT Port, Sherry or Madiera at Bommarito Bakery on Greater Mack in St Clair Shores, you won't find it anywhere.

    And if you have a specific request not available there, Eric, The Wine Seller will bring it in for you!

    (the bakery is closed for family vacation until, March 29th)

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      They DO have the best vintage wine selection on the East Side. It is a real hidden gem. I hadn't thought of looking for Port, etc. Thanks.

      1. re: BoomerHater

        Champagne's in Warren on Chicago Rd (13 Mile) just west of Van Dyke Ave is worth a stop. Bigger than Bommarito, but I do like Bommarito (which also may or may not have some of the Italian groceries you also are seeking.)