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Mar 24, 2011 01:24 PM

New Italian Steak House In Greenwich Ct.

Has any one dined at Gabriele's Italian Steak House?
With Tony at the helm, I would imagine the service is superb.
Any report on the food?
We have a reservation this Saturday evening and I will report back.

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  1. Check Yelp and this board- reviews were mixed- my wife and I did Greenwich this past weekend- clearly a reasonable value/ good quality restaurant deprived town! Had dinner at Jean Louis- very good but atmosphere so so and to me at those prices there should be nary a chink in the armour. Had apps at a portuguese spot downtown and at Barcelona which unfortunatly were the highlights since we live in the New Haven area and can have either anytime. Stayed at Delamar Hotel- restaurant good for apps and breakfast but again hard to compare to quality/value found here at home.

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      We dined at Gabriele's last Saturday night. The restaurant is very pretty, lovely ambience.
      The steak for two was done perfectly and it is definitely good quality aged beef.
      We did not think the restaurant was too pricey for the type of restaurant of this stature.
      The service was knowledgable, efficient and friendly.
      The only problem with the restaurant is the very, very cowded and noisey bar. One had to fight their way to the bar for a drink. In addition, the dining is very noisey as well.
      Tony does a fine job and he certainley knows how to run a restaurant. Perhaps they can dampen the noise a bit......................we literally had to shout at each other.
      We decided that we will try the restaurant during the week instead of Saturday evening.