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Mar 24, 2011 12:31 PM

Apalachicola and vicinity trip

Planning on "eating trip" to this area. looking for current advice on best places to eat where the natives go.Also plan to stop in Cedar Key and try Tony's Seafood's chowder. Thank you.

Tony's Seafood Restaurant
597 2nd St, Cedar Key, FL 32625

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  1. There is a fantastic wine bar in Apalachicola that has the best fried oysters (and affordable sparkling wine) I've ever had. Veranda's Restaurant and Wine bar at 76 Market Street. ( I don't think they have a website). It was so good that we went there twice on our vacation to Destin....once on the way there and once on the way back. Amazing food, sit outside on the patio and enjoy the view.

    Market Street Cafe
    701 Front St, Kissimmee, FL 34747

    1. Whoops, I take that back:

      It is wonderful. Please enjoy!

      1. As a resident, let me recommend The Owl Cafe, Up the Creek, Caroline's and Cafe Floridita for upscale. At Caroline's ask for a Daphne salad.
        Check you bill at Cafe Floridita. Some of the servers can't add and you may be 18%ed without being told but the food is worth the trouble.Watch out for Donetta. Wed. is Tappas night. Excellent.
        Papa Joes, Hole in the Wall and Up the Creek for informal.
        That Place in Apalach has wonderful lunch salads.
        The Gibson has a good bar menu in the evening.
        Renee's Cafe for breakfast or Caroline's.
        Caroline's, Papa Joes and Up the Creek have unreal views.
        If you want a sweet or want to pick up something to take back to the hotel, consider That's a Moray!
        That's Apalachicola.

        In Port St. Joe Jo Mama's has outstanding pizza and salads.
        In Eastpoint try Captain Snook's if you want to eat like a local. Try the crab and squash soup if they have it. Outstanding baked oyster specialties.
        In Carrabelle the Pit Stop is good plain food. Old Salt's is a hidden treasure and the Fish Camp on Timber Island is reached by turning onto Timber Island Road next to the giant boat club near the bridge. This place is great and has a wonderful view.
        One more suggestion is the Crooked River Grill in St. James Bay.

        Crooked River Grill
        171 Laughing Gull Ln, Carrabelle, FL 32322

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        1. re: antbetty

          antbetty, I was just in Apalachicola last week (from Minnesota) and That's a Moray! looks like it has closed for business. It was closed on Thursday and Friday anyway. You might want to check on that. I've been wrong on that sort of thing before, but it looked pretty much shut down.

          You didn't mention Tamara's Cafe which is our regular breakfast spot. Nothing out of this world, but good food/fresh ingredients and very friendly staff. We haven't been there for anything besides breakfast -- they also have tapas on Wednesday, I think -- as we tend to stick to shrimp and oysters which are obviously better than we can eat here in Minnesota.

          The 13 Mile seafood operation has a little retail place on Water Street where you can buy shrimp by the pound and have them boil it. You can take it to the grass nearby and sit at a picnic table in front of the shrimp boats. I was foaming at the mouth when I saw the Spanish Mackerel of my favorite fishes and also very difficult to find up here. Unfortunately, I wasn't prepared to do any cooking, etc. Next time.

          We also like Boss Oyster. Friday night I had their Shrimp "Yum-Yum" (why such a wierd name). Basically, very large shrimp, simply steamed, choice of Old Bay, a garlic sauce, or "hot, hot, hot". Served head-on. It was outstanding. They also have a huge selection of oyster preparations. I had them straight up raw and they were, of course, excellent.

          Agree with you on Papa Joes. Good food there as well. My understanding from Nedra at the Water Street Inn is that it's a spot for the "natives" as the original poster requests.

          Cafe Con Leche makes some very good bakery items. I noshed on a cornmeal/blueberry muffin on the way out of town Saturday...highly recommended. Unfortunately, my coffee had an off taste to it this time. But that could happen just about anywhere -- it won't dissuade me from trying again.

          That's what this visitor has to offer. I love Apalachicola and surrounding area. Here's a couple photos from St. George Island State Park (not food but....)

          Boss Oyster
          125 Water St, Apalachicola, FL 32320

          Cafe Con Leche
          71 Market St, Apalachicola, FL 32320

          1. re: MSPD

            Cafe Floridita is Tamara's.
            BO is pricey. don't eat there.
            I had chicken a d dumplings from That's a Moray for lunch.

            1. re: antbetty

              Doh! Thanks for the corrections and sorry about the error on TaM. Shows how disengaged my brain was while on vacation! I've only stared at the signs in there that have a few variations of Tamara's Cafe Floridita for hours on end. Out of curiosity, was That's a Moray closed last week? I was sitting right outside in my car for a while and it had a dead/closed-for-good look. We had also walked by a couple times. Hole in the Wall looked much more "alive" and intriguing.

              Agreed that Boss Oyster certainly isn't cheap, but the food is very good and a decent value in my opinion. I'm not sure it was vastly different in price from my meal at Papa Joe's.

              Thanks again.