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Mar 24, 2011 12:28 PM

Lunch spot for dining solo & bagel spot

I will be in Montreal for one day and will be in the McGill College and St. Catherine's area. Can you recommend a lunch spot for solo dining.

Also where can I find a Montreal style bagel place in the area?

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  1. ferreira cafe is nearby, portuguese/seafood; also bistro style food at dominion square tavern; a few blocks away st catherine east you have f bar and t bistro in the place des spectacles. You are not close to bagel shops but most coffee shops have bagels (+cream cheese if you want); I go to van houttes coffee shops for toasted bagel. There are also breakfast places nearby where you can order choice of bagels such as nickels restaurant. I dont think you would have any discomfort solo dining in montreal. If you wanted to take a short cab ride to old montreal you would have more of a choice of restos listed elsewhere on board.

    1. I'd go to either F Bar or Brasserie T, both near Place des Arts, and about 5 brisk minute walk from that area.

      for bagel, I don't have a clue (for that particular area), you will probably get "ordinary" ones at coffee places or breakfast places.


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        If by "ordinary," you mean non-Montreal-y, I want to second that. A lot of coffee shops don't serve Montreal bagels, especially if they're chains. I wouldn't want a tourist unknowingly wandering into a Tim Hortons and thinking their bagels represent the best Montreal has to offer :(

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          3 brasseurs serves st viateur bagel with smoked salmon

        2. There is a bagel shop, called The Bagel Place in le Faubourg Montreal (corner of St Catherine and St Mathieu) that offer Montreal style bagels. They are not as good as Fairmont or St Viater but they are good and definitely Montreal style. They also sell bagel sandwiche, or smoked salmon and cream cheese, so you can augment your bagel as you wish :)

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            There's also REAL Bagel at Ste-Catherine near Greene that has house-made fresh bagels. I agree that it is not worth getting bagged bagels for your Montreal bagel experience. If the weather is nice, either REAL Bagel or the Faubourg place would be about a 20-25-min. walk from where you'll be, or a few quick stops on the green line (metro).

          2. For Bagels, you could always go to a grocery store nearby (provigo on Parc/sherbrooke) have if I recall correctly 6 packs of either st-viateur or fairmount,

            Not as good as a freshly baked one from their respective shop, but closer to where you are.

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            1. re: westaust

              Once they've been bagged and shipped to a supermarket, they're pretty much useless if you don't have access to an oven or toaster. I'd bet most of the "what's all the fuss about?" reactions come from people who've bought them this way.

              1. re: Mr F

                couldn't agree more. please do not go this route, or you'll leave thinking our bagels are stale and hard.

                why not go to a st. viateur cafe for lunch? the one on mt. royal would be about a 15-minute metro ride.


            2. About 5-10 minute walk heading West from McGill College & Ste-Catherine (not plural), walk over to McKay just above Ste. Catherine to Cafe Myriad (across from Concordia University). They have awesome coffee & you can get a "real" Montreal bagel - I think they are St. Viateur bagels.