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Artisinal - recommended?

I'm thinking of getting a nice cheese fondue tonight before Spring settles in. Is Artisinal the place to go? Or do CHers recommend somewhere else?

2 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016

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  1. Great cheese and wine. A fully enjoyable meal. If you are alone sit at the bar. You get great service there.

    1. It's spelled Artisanal and is excellent for fondue.

      1. Yummmm, fondue at Artisanal, love it.

        1. I guess I'll be the naysayer here. In all my visits there, I've been disappointed--uninspired and/or dried out bread, cold staff, and an incredibly loud room.

          1. Yes, go there for fondue. They are KNOWN for their cheeses, so you can't go wrong with a fab pot of fondue. Had it, love it!

            1. I've been dying to go ever since seeing it on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate." I can't say I have ever wanted to literally have in front of me what I just saw on the screen, but that pot of fondue and all of the wonderful things they give you to dip into it just about did it for me!

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                As I recall, the fondue just comes with bread. All those "wonderful things" are an extra charge and can really add up. It's too bad it doesn't come with an assorted plate of good dippers.

                1. re: TrishUntrapped

                  You beat me to it T U. Yes, the extras are extra and IMO worth it, get some of the potatoes, apples, and the kielbasa, yes, it adds a little to the bill but it can turn the fondue into a nice small meal on it's own if there are two of you. Wish they still had the Stilton blend they use to have.

                  1. re: Spiritchaser

                    What a bummer that they stopped serving the Stilton. That was my favorite.

              2. I've enjoyed the fondue there, as well as the terrific selection of wines by the glass.

                1. I had great fondue the other night at Heartbreak Restaurant down in the east village. Casual but great food.


                  29 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10003

                  1. I think Artisanal is great, but Taureau is my favorite for fondue. So many choices and it's BYOB too.

                    127 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009

                    1. I wonder how fattening a serving of Fondue is? Curious if its more than a big mac and fries.