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Mar 24, 2011 11:11 AM

Alias feedback? Anyone been recently

I hear the burgers are great but any other dishes that are a must not miss.

76 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

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  1. I went fairly recently (sometime in last six months) and was not impressed - I remember it being much better years ago (when it was one of the first "upscale" restaurants on Clinton St! Ha.) Their fried chicken's pretty good, if you are into that.

    1. Had brunch there recently, and it was not good at all.

      1. Had dinner here on Sat night. Average, average, average. We had;
        Fried Chicken - 7/10 just good fried chicken
        Burger - 6/10 - little better than a diner burger. Russian dressing doesnt do much to help or hurt.
        Ribs - 3/10 - way too much liquid smoke used. Sauce was not good. We didnt even finsih this dish with 4 people at the table.
        Lamb Meatballs - 8.5/10 these were awesome. Served on a home made Tzatiki sauce.
        Roasted Brussle Sprouts - 8/10 excellent char and portion size.
        All in all, not a good meal. Would not go back again.