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Mar 24, 2011 11:02 AM

The Manliest Restaurant in America?


Full and total disclosure right off the bat: I'm with Men's Health magazine.

We’re on a mission to discover the manliest restaurants in America, and we’re on the hunt for nominees. What places across the country do you think deserve the title?

Have you been to most legit taco truck in all of the Southwest? The most authentic newspaper tablecloth crab shack in the Mid-Atlantic? The best throwback steakhouse in Vegas? A biker bar built inside a missile silo that’s serving up an unbelievable shepherd’s pie? Okay, the last one's a little extreme, but you get the point...

What would be your nominees?

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  1. Here's my vote:
    It's around the corner from my building. I go often, and when I'm not there I can usually hear the ruckus from my blacony. Loud, live music, rowdy but friendly folks (real cowboys!) and delicious but HUGE food. I'm a girl, and can usually only finish about 1/3 of a burger. Nobody is ever eating a salad, whole quail are served as a breakfast side... and cheap beer. Not to mention the spicy, oversized Mexican dishes.
    The structure: pretty shabby but clean enough that you feel okay about eating the food, and the base of operations for the outdoor part is a real cargo container.
    I was new to Fort Worth and Texas about 2 years ago, and the first time I saw the place, my jaw dropped a little.

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      Freds works. I went Saturday a week ago, heard a lot of good stories while tippin' a few. Took me 5 hours to get out, but I had figured on 6 or 7. I left with 12 pounds of fresh roasted Hatch chilies.
      Also, a second vote for kaleo's Buckhorn Exchange in Denver. Not for girlie men.

    2. Bob's Bar in Martinsburg, NE. It's in a tiny farming community, is filthy as all can be, and packed with locals drinking cheap beer. Their food is also legendary- giant burgers and huge portions of deep fried goodness. This place is so manly, my girlfriend got pregnant the first time we went there.

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            1. Nancy Whiskey Pub for burgers. A true dive bar. I can hardly believe they have a web site, since it looks like the walls still has grease on them from WWII. The kind of place Norman Mailer would lie about beating someone up in.