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Mar 24, 2011 11:00 AM

Le Bec Fin dessert cart?

I'm really interested in trying out the dessert cart at Le Bec Fin. Is there a minimum you have to spend to get the all you can eat dessert cart?

I read some reviews where diners were offered a sample of as many desserts as they wanted, whereas others only got to choose 2. Anyone know how this works?

Also, what other restaurants have really good desserts?

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  1. If you order from the regular menu you can usually choose up to 5 desserts (or maybe more). If you order the prix fixe dinner (I think it's up until 6 PM) then you can only order one or two desserts. Nobody else has a selection of desserts like theirs.

    1. l have found that if wine is ordered they always gave me the choice of the cart instead of just a few items even when ordering the smaller meal. The help has been trained to make the customer happy and really bend over to do so.

      1. Alma de Cuba has great desserts. If you are a chocolate lover, their chocolate cigar is amazing. The dulce de leche crepes are also fantastic. My personal favorite is the tapioca pudding, served in a young coconut with a guava cookie bar. I would love to take a bath in that tapioca pudding!

        1. I haven't been to Le Bec Fin in a couple of years but they've always let me have as many deserts as I wanted from the cart (I've always done the prix fix lunch service). Be sure to smile when you ask.

          Had some excellent items there over the years...

          1. Can you go there and just order desserts from the cart without dinner?

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              They used to let you do that downstairs at Le Bar Lyonnais, at least later in the evening.

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                Friends of mine went there in January as part of a progressive dinner, and just had dessert in the Bar Lyonnaise, so it is still possible...

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                  What do they charge for just the dessert cart? And is it unlimited choice?