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Mar 24, 2011 10:20 AM

New openings in Pittsburgh

Any feedback from new spots that have opened in Pittsburgh/local areas? Nola, Notion, PennFish Downtown, Eccho, etc?

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  1. I have had several good meals at Penn Avenue Fish Company, downtown. I've gone there a number of times for lunch and twice for dinner. Every time it has been exceptional. Their sushi has always been very fresh. Their sashimi, sushi and traditional maki are great. I've only tried two of their specialty rolls, though: the Flower Roll (tuna, spicy shrimp, avocado, cucumber, caviar) and the Hot Pepper Roll (spicy salmon, cream cheese and banana peppers). I'll definitely have the Flower Roll again but thought the spice and cream cheese overwhelmed everything in the Pepper Roll. Otherwise, I've enjoyed a number of non-sushi items. The Tuna Club is a very good lunch sandwich; so is the Happy Jack (salmon, coleslaw, cheese, Russian dressing). I also really like their fish tacos. For dinner, I had the sea bass and the scallops. Both were good, and would be priced appropriately in a different setting. I just think of this as more of a lunch spot.

    I've also been to Restaurant Echo twice. In short, it's an exceptional fine dining experience. The Mushroom Eggrolls (I think that's what they're called) are out of this world. I also loved the marrow bones. We also enjoyed the mussels on one occasion, although they weren't any different than mussels you can get at a number of other good restaurants (not that I'd want them to be). For my entrees the first time I got the lamb pappardelle, and it was absolutely top notch. I will definitely have it again. The second time I got the pork tenderloin with pork belly, and it was very good. It will be tough for me not to get the lamb pappardelle next time I go, though...

    As for Notion I've shied away as I've had a few friends that have gone and been much less than impressed. I guess I'll end up giving it a shot at some point in time, but I'm in no hurry...

    Nola, on the other hand, I will give a try sometime soon for lunch. I've taken a look at their menu, and I'm anxious to see if they can pull off a good gumbo -- I've been craving one. I also want a muffaletta -- it's been years since I had one. If they succeed at lunch I'll probably give them a shot at dinner, but I wasn't terribly impressed by their dinner options...

    1. Love Penn Ave Fish Company. I've never had nothing less than stellar sushi. The other week I had their salad with ahi tuna. Exceptional.

      I was not wowed by their crab cakes sliders. Good, but not out of this world.

      1. PAFCo is my favorite place to eat in Pittsburgh. They're doing dinners Wed-Sat. Check it out. The chef's name is (I think) Eric; he's a personable guy who makes great food. If you're a fish lover, I do not believe there is a better place to eat in Pgh.

        Today I went in and because it was after 2, they had a special, 2 fish tacos for $5. Turns out they have a $5 special every afternoon after 2.

        My favorite thing to order is a salad with some kind of fish on it, salmon, tuna, or crab, in particular. Priced $8.95-10.95, and flawless.

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          Penn Fish is good; write up today in PG
          and China M actually liked it.
          Restaurant Echo is good and again PG reviewed and China M liked
          Have not been to the others yet.