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Mar 24, 2011 10:12 AM

carbon steel pans

The cookware board has an interesting thread about carbon steel pans. Does anyone know where they can be purchased in the GTA? I checked with Caynes. They do not have them.

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  1. Restaurant kitchen supply stores, they'll have them. I saw them last time I was in Tap Phong.

    Tap Phong
    360 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

    1. Reliable, at 3477 Kennedy Rd south of Steeles, has them.
      HomeSense and Winners has a few.
      CCK, at the north end of Pacific Mall, has hand hammered steel woks, some with a flat bottom.

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        It depends on the quality of the pan you're looking for.Tap Phong and Nella on queen East carry the really cheap flimsy pans($6-$18 per pan).If you're looking for top quality carbon pans like deBuyer Mineral,I think the best place is" A Cooks Place" on the danforth.
        I just ordered some deBuyer from're 1 step down from the mineral line but still good quality. $140.00 for a 9.5" and a12.5' all in.

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          Thanks. i will check these places out.

        2. I know I'm totally necro'ing this post but..if yer in the market they occasionally have 50% off sales

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            i'm waiting for the de buyer carbon steel pan 50% off sale at FS/BB. They've been posted each time on red flag deals. last year there were maybe 3-5 sales, about every other month or so.

            kitchen roots at danforth & pape has a couple left last time i checked and so does Golda's at Winston Churchill & Argentia.

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              The 50% off sale is worth the wait. I picked up a 8"(which I gifted) and a 11" Mineral B for about $65.00. Can't beat that!

          2. Hendrixs is Pickering, Hwy 2 where the railroad crosses the road, between Whites and Liverpool.

            I have two pans, a 10" and a 12" and love them both to death. Except when I'm cooking a fried egg or pancake, they are my go to pans. Although, if seasoned properly, both pans can also cook a nonstick fried egg. I brown a chicken in the pan on all sides and then toss into the oven to finish cooking.

            Cheaper than my All-Clad and better for putting a sear on meat. Definitely worth a good look.

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              OP is looking for carbon steel pans. These do not fit.