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Mar 24, 2011 10:04 AM

Ricetta's in South Portland is closing on Sunday

OK, it's not fine dining, nor is it even the third-best pizza in town, but if you're out by the mall and your kids need dinner, you could do a LOT worse. Tonight, in fact, they have gymnastics until 5:30 and my husband won't be home to cook, so I told them I'd take them out someplace out there, their choice, I was pleased when they picked Ricetta's. (My first choice would have been Pom's, but whatever).

So, I'll miss Ricetta's. Portland CHers, where do you go with your kids when you have to eat in mall-land?

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  1. Do they still have the one out in Falmouth?

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    1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

      Yes, ate there last week. If you're a big eater, the luncheon buffet is a steal.

    2. Wow. Ricetta's was the first really good pizza in what was then a pizza wasteland. I guess what's happened is that the people who like really good pizza now go to the newer (maybe better?) places when they want pizza while the masses go to the food court in the mall. 15 years ago, I would make the trip from almost Falmouth to eat at Ricetta's. Jump into mall traffic for pizza that's very good when I can eat very good pizza elsewhere without the headache? Not a chance. I'd take the kids to Panara. It's good. It's fast. And it can be healthy.

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      1. re: bobbert

        Absolutely. Before there was Flatbread, Bonobo, and Otto, Ricetta's was the best pizza in town. And it was packed tonight (even at 6pm!).

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          Nothing against Panera perse, but you might want to check the numbers...stuff you might think as being "healthy" end up being attrociously bad there. High calorie, high fat, high sodium, and alot of things actually have trans fats.

          1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

            You're right, hence the subtle use of the word "can" be healthy. I was actually very surprised on my last visit, 1st - at the amount of calories and fat that they have posted for each item and 2nd: that they actually posted those numbers. It can't help business but, given the "mall area" options for kids, I still think it's one of the better ones.

            1. re: bobbert

              I do give kudos to places that actually make nutrional information readily available...unlike other places that needed an act of congress to make information available (albeit buried deeply on their websites). At Panera, you know what you're other places you're getting at least as bad or worse - you just don't know it. Use of trans fats is inexcusable in my opinion though...and this is not limited to Panera.

              1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

                Our new go-to mallside option w/ our four-year-old is Chipotle. The key is getting there far before the kid is actually hungry, as the line can be really long.