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Mar 24, 2011 09:07 AM

Segesta, Calatafimi recommendations

Can anyone recommend a lunch place in the area around Segesta, Calatafimi. We will be doing a day trip from Palermo, so something on the route would also work. thanks


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  1. We had an unforgettable lunch at Vultaggio, an agriturismo about 10 miles from Trapani, after a Sunday visit to Segesta. Everything grown on the estate, including the wine. Fantastic experience. Only problem for you is that it's toward Trapani, opposite direction from Palermo. It's in the SlowFood guide.

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      Thanks for your reply. It's really hard to find anything in the Segesta area. I'll put this on my Trapani list since we'll be making a day trip there as well. Maybe the best option is to do a picnic lunch on the Segesta day trip.

      1. re: annmorris

        Well, there's nothing wrong with a picnic lunch at Segesta; it's a magical spot. But as long as you're going to get to Vultaggio some other day, you could stop at Il Restaurantino del Monsu, which is in Castellammare del Golfo, conveniently on your way back to Palermo. It is a quiet, relatively refined restaurant that has particularly good seafood, and a nice wine list, to boot. Also in the SlowFood guide.

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            Are you sure you want to do all this daytripping, it seems like you will be doing a lot of backtracking and if returning to Palermo (twice?)dealing with traffic. Not about food however.

            Here are some links for you.

            Agriturismo Vultaggio
            Contrada Misiliscemi, Guarrato, Sicily , IT

            Il Ristorantino del Monsu
            Piazza Petrolo 2, Castellammare del Golfo, Sicilia , IT

            1. re: jen kalb

              We're actually not staying in town, but, rather at the Villa Iglea Grand Hotel, so we should miss all that awful traffic. If the first day trip turns out to be a hassle, hey, we're flexible. thanks for the links.