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Mar 24, 2011 08:29 AM

Really Special dinner in Barcelona

My boyfriend and I booked a really cheap trip to Barcelona for a long weekend, and because everything has been so cheap, we want to splurge a little and have a REALLY special dinner on Sunday April 10th. Price wise we are thinking up to about 100 Euros/person, give or take, but something really memorable. We are both foodies so exceptional food and wine is more important than price, and i guess atmosphere. Any suggestions??

While we're at it, any suggestions for the rest of our trip? best tapas? wine? snacks? lunches? etc. Generally we base most of our travels on food, so bring it on! We're staying in the Gothic quarter, but don't mind going anywhere around.


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  1. The only excellent opened on Sundays is La Dama, the cooking is creative takes on traditional Catalan dishes. Every modern Catalan restaurant is closed for that evening. So are just about every sit down places. Many tapas/pintxos places will be open. Might give Carles Abellan's new venture at the W Hotel, Bravo a try. Not a personal recommendation since I have not been there.
    If you decide on another day for the special dinner, I would search this board as there have been tons of earlier posts on Barcelona eating, from the high-end to tapas/pintxos places and also everyday simple places.

    1. La Dama would certainly be a great choice for a Sunday (or any other day, for that matter). If you are looking for more cutting-edge cuisine, you will need to pick another day.

      1. You might be perched precariously on a stool, not have much 'personal space' and wish you had brought your ear plugs in your purse, but TICKETS or 41 will be special. And open on Sundays. If you can get a reservation for such a close date.