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Mar 24, 2011 06:29 AM

New restaurant in old Ivory Thailand space

Just passed by this morning and the old Ivory Thailand has been renovated with a new sign up and menu board outside. Didn't catch the correct name but I believe it was French. Anyone know anything about it?

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  1. We used to have lunch there quite often and was disappointed to see it closed down. The name is L'Apero Bistor. I don't think they're related at all :(

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      Ivory Thai was my husband's favourite restaurant near where we live so he was very disappointed when he discovered it had gone.

      Anyway, we decided to give it a try on Saturday night and thought I'd update on what this new place is like.

      We were greeted by a very nice lady at the door who was very welcoming and offered to take our coats ... after taking our coats they then had a very long conversation about whether they would be able to seat us. This was a little odd as there were only about 5 people in the place so there was plenty of space and furthermore I thought they could probably have had this conversation before taking our coats so we had the option to run if there was no space! Anyway they eventually seated us and we had a very nice evening.

      We each had a cocktail from their limited cocktail menu - these were very nice sorry I can't remember what we had but they were both good.

      Then the chef gave us a complimentary amuse bouche on the house which was delicious - it was a pate with a couple of pieces of toast.

      My husband had the filet mignon - this was very tender and delicious ... he thoroughly enjoyed it.

      We also shared two side dishes - the mushrooms and the vegetable casserole. The vegetable casserole was just a dish of steamed vegetables, these were good but slightly underdone. The mushrooms were gorgeous.

      At this point we got another complimentary dish to try which was some scallops with asparagus - again very nice.

      the only complaint I have is that the menu is very limited - there are no vegetarian main dishes, only 1 fish option and no poultry option. I ended up having the soup as my main meal which was absolutely delicious but I would perhaps have liked a bit more choice.

      Finally we had the Chocolate Mousse Burger for dessert - a very small almond bun with some chocolate mousse in the middle. The idea for this was good and it was ok although it was very cold and solid as though it had come almost directly to table from the freezer - we would probably have a different dessert in the future although.

      All in all very nice night and we will be going back again soon.

      1. re: MrsCooke

        Thanks for the details. Sad to hear about the lack of veg options -- guess I won't be trying it out anytime soon.

    2. It's owned by the same owners as Ivory Thailand was. I live in the neighborhood and went to check it out on Friday. The food was excellent, the prices were good, and the service was good as well. The menu is made up of small tasting plates so you can order multiple things to share. My favourite dish was the black cod, so good! It also looks like there will be a great patio in the summer on the south side. Its definitely a great addition to the neighbourhood.