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Mar 24, 2011 06:28 AM

No Reservations on a Sat. Night - where can we walk in?

I'll be in town this weekend for a work event, and I haven't made reservations for Saturday night because I'm not sure how many people we will be (anywhere from 2-6) or exactly what time we'll want to eat (anywhere from 6-9). That said, I want a really good meal that tops out at about $100 pp all in. I'd really like to eat at Sage, but I don't like our chances of walking in and getting seated. If it's only two of us, is there any chance we could walk in to L'Atelier? I'm pretty much a Vegas novice, so any advice would be appreciated!

(BTW, Fri. night I'm eating at Nobhill - not my choice, but I had to go with the group).

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  1. Very slim - no chance at L'At on a Satuday night. There are so many selections available you might post a little more info on cuisine preference, etc. Having said that, if you really want to go to x, I would consider being generous with whoever is running the dining room that particular evening.

    1. Well, despite the lack of suggestions, we managed to do just fine. Ended up at Bouchon which, while it didn't knock my socks off, was quite enjoyable. Just thought I'd update in case anyone else is in my boat. I called Sat. afternoon once I knew it was just going to be two of us, and we got an 8:45 table.

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        I personally think its overated also... but usually if you call in the afternoon on a saturday, and don't mind working around their time slots (6-7:30 are always booked up if you are more than 2 ppl)... but usually before 6, or after 8 can be done if you call whichever restaurant you want to get into.